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“I look okay right?” Olivia asked me as she smoothed her dress and I rolled my eyes. I’d given her ten fifteen minutes to dress and she’d taken forty-five. Right now we were rushing down the crowded streets to get to the café and she still wasn’t satisfied with her appearance. She looked gorgeous, obviously in a purple dress which clung to her body in all the right places. She’d straightened her hair making it look thick and luscious and her signature confidence was back. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for the old Olivia Bell.

“You look amazing Livy just stop being so nervous.” I reminded her as we walked. I was being hypocritical, whilst telling her not to be nervous; I myself was kind of drowning in anxiety and apprehension. I’d taken this decision in a moment of haste and there was no backing out now. Zach was going to kill me that was certain but maybe it was time that the two worked out their differences once and for all.

“Did you talk to him? Does he know I’m coming?” she questioned and I considered my options. Do I lie to both of them now or was it better to prepare her for Zach’s whiplashes? I decided to go with the later, it was better if she knew what she was getting into.

“Well…not exactly.” I said biting my lip and making Olivia pull me to a stop. She stared at me with those forest green eyes of her, hurt and confusion flashing in them. “What do you mean?” I bowed my head, concentrating on the shoelaces of my converse and fiddled with my fingers, “I mean he’s agreed to see me I just left out the part about you coming with me.”

Before Olivia could protest I cut her off and continued, “You don’t need to worry Livy. Once you explain everything to him, he won’t be mad at you anymore.”

She thought about my words for a minute or so, the indecision clear on her face. I had no idea why I was being so persistent, a part of me didn’t even want Zach and Olivia to meet but it was a very small part and it wasn’t worth my sister’s unhappiness.

We began walking again in silence, just a couple of blocks away from Pablo’s, “How do you know he’s even going to listen to me. The man hates my guts, not that I blame him.” She said dryly and I wanted to tell her that in the months that I’d come to know Zach, I’d found out that he had a really big heart, even though he wanted to hide it from the world. I was sure that once Olivia got a chance to explain herself, he would listen and eventually understand. I didn’t share this piece of information with Olivia though; she’d want to know why I could stake such claims about her ex-fiancé, a man she thought I barely knew.

“Just take a shot Livy, what’s the worst that can happen? He’s got to listen to you.” I said calmly and looped my arm through hers. She gave me a weak smile but I knew she was far from actually believing me.

Five minutes later we were seated at our usual table and Olivia was nervously drumming her fingers against the table. She kept looking over her shoulder as if Zach would just spring out from nowhere and I couldn’t help but feel irritated. She really needed to calm down. My phone buzzed and Olivia’s head whipped in my direction, it was as if she could sense that it was Zach calling. Awkwardly I pressed the answer button and placed the phone next to my ear, my heart starting to race in panic. Was I about to have a conversation with my husband in front of my sister?

“Hello?” I asked in a shaky voice as I felt Olivia’s gaze on me.

“Hey I just wanted to call and tell you that I’ll be there in five minutes, I got held up in a meeting at the last minute.” He said as the sound of a horn blared through the phone and then I heard Zach let out a couple of choice swear words. Despite my nervousness I giggled and Olivia’s eyebrow shot up.

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