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Struggling to catch my breath I ran from my classroom towards the nearest bathroom, luckily there were some on the same floor. Pushing past curious on lookers I hastened and entered the tiled room and literally threw myself into one of the stalls just in time to be sick-again.

It was getting frustrating, this constant feeling of nausea and the eventual throwing up. I sunk to the floor near the toilet after I'd flushed the nasty contents down and thought about the reasons behind this stupid stomach bug. I hadn't really eaten anything that bad except for some leftover Thai last weekend but Zach had eaten it too and he seemed perfectly fine.

Urgh. Zach! He had a meeting with some investors in London the next day and I knew how important it was for the company, if he realized that I wasn't feeling so good he would never leave. Ever since the sickness had started on Tuesday I'd carefully avoided him and made sure that he didn't know that I felt like crap. If I just made it through today...

After splashing my face with cold water and rinsing my mouth with the mouthwash I thankfully carried in my purse, I decided that I couldn't attend the rest of my classes for the day. My professors liked me enough to understand that I wouldn't skip unless there was a genuine reason plus I could always get the assignments from Carter. It was surprising that he'd decided to go to community college with me but he'd told me that his parents were going through a rough divorce and that he needed to be there for his younger siblings.

" Danny? Hey can you pick me up in ten?" I texted my cousin who would just about be getting out of his last class for the day.

" Sure, :)"

Single worded responses were so his thing.

As I waited for him to come I realized that I needed to make a call which would be slightly trickier. Zach could always tell when I was lying but hopefully the fact that he couldn't see me would work out as an advantage.

Hesitantly I pressed his speed dial number and he picked up on the first ring.

" Shouldnt you be in class?" He sounded so worried that it was adorable. It was in these moments that I realized how lucky I was to be married to someone who loved me as much as Zach did. He was an absolutely incredible person and he'd grown to become not just my husband but my best friend. I really didn't know if it was possible for me to love him more than I already did but with every little thing he did, I just fell more in love with him.

" Mr. Morrison decided to let us off early." I bit my lip, thanking my lucky stars that he couldn't see me right now.

" Well just wait on the steps, I'll send Bruce over for you. I'm stuck at work, if I see another damn spreadsheet..." He was cut off and I could hear someone calling his name in the background. He was busy, like he'd been the entire month but I didn't hold it against him. He'd shifted all the work and resources closer to my college and it'd been a hectic process. Zach and Liam had been working like crazy trying to set up the new work space and Mr. Price hadn't exactly been going easy on them. It was obvious that he didn't like me and thought that I was just distracting his son from what he ought to be doing but the man was going a bit too far.

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