Needing You - Sequel to Wanting You

Needing You - Sequel to Wanting You

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I left him.

I never thought in a million years I would be the one to walk, but I was. I left the man I was madly in love with, I had no idea where I was even going to go, but I couldn't care less.

I walked out and left him, left him standing there looking like I had slapped him across the face.

I couldn't stay, only to then have him leave me, only have him stay with me for the baby's sake. 

Our child.

Alex and Blake's relationship came to an end, she could see it coming but didn't want to believe it. 

How will she cope when she has to watch the man she's desperately in love with marry another woman, can she do it? Or will she finally give up and leave him for good? 

Can Blake put everything on the line and leave the trapped marriage for good? Especially when he realises just how much he's about to lose with Alex. 

Will he leave the woman who's made his life nothing but miserable? Who has wrecked all his chances of ever having another shot with Alex, the woman who's carrying his child?

Can they ever be together again? Free and able to finally be a family?

But as we all know, secrets eventually come out and the heartache comes back. 

Only this time it's worse than ever.

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The summary describe that in this book she left him. It's chapter 2 and she's alrealy giving in
suyoha suyoha Mar 24, 2016
She is just so what you say to a person like that
                              She can be a mistress but what about the child he didn't deserve this.
                              Just because she can't keep her legs closed that child is going to suffer.
JennAlleyne JennAlleyne Jan 10, 2017
Exactly! And he isn't doing everything possible to get out of it. Tell the world and for heaven's sake tell your family what a fraud she is..make a scene and let everyone know..geez
Liliolevao95 Liliolevao95 Mar 01, 2016
that's why you use your brain and not be ruled by what your body wants only animals act that way
almaochoafigueroa almaochoafigueroa Jul 09, 2016
I would make him beg!! For weeks! If you want it put a damn freaking ring on it!!!
chungmai chungmai Dec 26, 2015
She is too pathetic. She should be Thinking about the baby growing in her and not about herself.