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YOU ARE MY FLAME by Blackheart2404
YOU ARE MY FLAMEby Black heart
EXCERPT Which one makes your life hard? Falling in love with an idol or falling in love with one of your best friends? What if you have fallen in love with your best fri...
My Forever (Short Story) ✔️ by ambivertreader
My Forever (Short Story) ✔️by Sanobar
True love never dies... it stays buried deep in your heart. It just takes a moment to ignite the fire which might be lost somewhere in the trials of life. (Unedited)
EPIC (Book 1 of the Soundcrush series) by kcfarrah
EPIC (Book 1 of the Soundcrush ser...by KC Farrah
What if the boy you crushed on your whole life wrote a song about you, and the song blew up to become your biggest hope and your worst reminder? Kat Ballard is fifteen w...
Schooled by Piperjlawson
Schooledby Piper Lawson
[COMPLETE!] "My best friend's brother grew up. Hot." Alexis is months from finishing college and starting a fashion label in New York. Years of planning and sa...
Lady Eilean by EGWwrites
Lady Eileanby EGW
The youngest child of the formidable and powerful MacLeod family of Ellesmure Island, Eilean is all but neglected in the rowdy environment of Stormway Castle - where a g...
Please Believe Me by Beautyinbooksblog
Please Believe Meby
Madison Rosales is not your typical 22- year-old. While everyone her age is out graduating college? She's only getting started. While everyone is out partying?She's out...
When The Butterflies Died [EDITING] by OfficialRoses
When The Butterflies Died [EDITING]by OfficialRoses
The feeling of butterflies is somewhat indescribable, the sick but exciting sentiment was always there and it never left her alone. She loved him but the words that woul...
A Game of Love and Deceit by khionewrites
A Game of Love and Deceitby Khione
Fourteen contestants. One island. All vying for love - and power. For many citizens of Ameon, The Lovehunt is the chance of a lifetime. For those living in the division...
The taste of Revenge by AmyHart12
The taste of Revengeby AmyHart12
"A woman's desire for revenge outlasts all of her other emotions." Her eyes burning in passion said to me as her delicate lips gave out a sly smile "After...
After Midnight by nikkish1
After Midnightby ✨ꪀ𝓲𝘬𝘬𝓲✨
She's been through hell. She's been through every human's worst nightmare. She lives in a small comfy town, living her worst living nightmares over and over again, every...
Mafia's Saviour by Venicebixh1111
Mafia's Saviourby Persephone
There's a new transfer boy in Astria Woods's class and that too, in final year! Astria soon becomes a good friend with Kai Falcone, but gradually a dangerous secret unra...
A Tram Story by HugsyBuggy
A Tram Storyby HugsyBuggy
| Wattpad Featured Story | What will your reaction be when a stranger extends his hand for friendship? Having a special connection with the trams of her town, Aurora lov...
My Sister is A Genius! by IrisWolf57
My Sister is A Genius!by Iris
This volume has nothing to do with a genius but it does have something to do with sisterhood. Jazz Yoon Jeong Williams, a 19-year-old college student was called back to...
When In Manila (Manila Series #1) by bhi3nibini_
When In Manila (Manila Series #1)by erin
Paano 'kung ang hinahangad ni Ysabelle na maganda at tahimik na buhay sa maynila ay hanggang 'paano' nalang?
Cassette Tapes and Sneakers by peachdan14
Cassette Tapes and Sneakersby Lee Aubrey
"What's your favorite thing about me?" Tyler asks, turning to me. I almost choke on my spit at the question, my eyes widening a fraction. I look up at the sky...
The Happily Ever After [COMPLETED] by heemalic
The Happily Ever After [COMPLETED]by Heemali Chaudhari
Welcome to The Happily Ever After, a story about Shivansh and Abhidnya. Abhidnya is a person with high esteem and self-respect whereas Shivansh is a person with an attit...
Passing Through by MmaroZ
Passing Throughby MmaroZ
Natasha Ingram is trying to cultivate her new business and can't turn down business propositions. Unfortunately this throws her in to the path of a man history has groom...
Where The Skies Were Blue by ur_lil_bean
Where The Skies Were Blueby ur_lil_bean
Cole is a 24 year old man who finds refuge from his constant travelling in his house turned B&B, where he lives for four months to find peace and people with experiences...
Love and Respect by lopa22joshi
Love and Respectby Lopa Joshi
Love stands along with 3 pillars in life, as the 4 pillar itself is love. 1) care 2) trust 3) respect 4) love its simple if u care for a person it will lead to...
The Thousand Words We Spoke (A Novella) by oliviarose85
The Thousand Words We Spoke (A Nov...by Olivia Rose
In the eighteen years she'd been alive, Adam Whitman had taken a thousand photos of Mia Holloway. From the day she was born until the day he left town. And while he was...