"Why don't you go home and I'll take it from here." Liam's voice was drowned by the loud beeping of the microwave in our office. My secretary hurried and grabbed the plate of lasagne that was in it and then ran outside, not wanting to upset me. I barely looked up from the accounting file placed on my table, running through the figures again and again.

"Zach, man come on I'm talking to you." He came around the table and picked up the file, closing it and keeping it aside. I glared at him, not in the mood for his childish antics, I had work to do and it needed to be done soon.

"If you want to leave then you can go, I still have work left."

"No what I want is for you to go home and get some rest. No offence but you look like you could use some sleep."

I pinched the bridge of my nose and exhaled heavily. My head was pounding from the hangover courtesy last night's drinking binge and nothing was making sense. I'd been trying all day to get some work done but I couldn't concentrate. Maybe if I took a short nap then I'd feel better.

"Are you sure you'll take care of everything?" I sounded tired and haggard and realized that I had no stamina left, I was of no use to the office so heading back to the hotel seemed like the best option.

"Dont worry, I've got it all under control." He patted my back and gave my shoulders a firm shake, gesturing for me to leave. I grabbed my coat from the back of my seat and hung it on my shoulder. Waving Liam a weak goodbye I exited the office and got into the car that had been arranged for me. I checked my phone for voice mails or text messages and a pain shot through me when I realized that there were none from Ari. It was foolish of me to expect that she'd want to talk to me after the way I'd acted with her but a part of me hoped that she wouldn't give up on me. Disappointed as usual I leaned my head back on the seat and soon fell asleep.

I took a relaxing shower before falling into the bed with a thud. Before I'd been dying for sleep but now it abandoned me. I stared at the ceiling counting the tiles that made it up, when even that failed I picked up my phone and did something that my hands had been itching to do since the day I walked out on Ari three weeks ago. Three weeks, it had been three weeks since I'd seen her, heard her voice, touched her, kissed her...

She wasn't picking up and each time I tried it went straight to voice mail. Worry coursed through me as I dialled Bruce, her bodyguard's number. He picked up on the first ring and I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good evening Mr.Price" his voice sounded normal and not like something had happened to Ari, yet again relief rushed through me.

"Good evening Bruce, I just called to check if there've been any problems regarding Arianna's safety. Is she alright?"

"Mrs. Price is safe and in her room Sir and no there hasn't been a problem. She usually stays in the house with the exception of trips to her doctor." he assured me but as soon as my ears picked up the word doctor it felt like my heart had dropped to my stomach. A doctor? Why would she need a doctor? Was she sick? If she was then why didn't she tell me? Was she that mad at me?

"Bruce why was she at the doctor's?" I demanded as soon as I found my voice. Worry was clawing at my heart making me feel nauseous. Ari had to be okay, she just had to be. I couldn't even picture the thought of anything happening to her.

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