My mouth hung open as I stared at him, my heart skipping a beat or two in the process. He still held me impossibly close to him making tingles shoot up and down my skin. "Will you out with me?" it wasn't the most difficult question to ask nor was the answer remotely hard to figure out but I felt the effect of the words reach down to my very core.

"W-What did you say?" my tone incredulous and disbelieving. Those words out of Zach's mouth sounded foreign yet so perfect that my mind was having a hard time wrapping itself around them. I blinked a couple of times and then pinched myself slightly just to make sure this was real. Zach's deep laugh made me focus my attention on him and I watched his face light up with amusement, his eyes gleaming as he leaned towards me.

" Did you just pinch yourself?" he was still laughing but his eyes had a certain softness to them, a kind of tenderness that made my heart thump. I frowned at him, my brain struggling to form a coherent stream of thought. I avoided looking at him directly because then I'd just lose myself in him and start acting like an idiot. " You asked me out..." I said, repeating the words over and over in my head just so that they'd start making more sense. I started entwining my hands with each other, something I usually did when I wanted to concentrate and continued to wring them until Zach's big, warm protective hand came over mine and stopped the movement. I looked at him in confusion but he was gazing at me with so much intensity that I forgot why I was thinking so hard.

" I did" he said in his smooth velvety voice, " and you're kinda making me nervous by not giving me an answer." his voice shook a little towards the end making emotions swirl inside of me. I launched myself at him, wrapping my arms around his waist, burrying my face in his chest and taking long breaths as I breathed him in. Immediately his arms were around me, his hands rubbing up and down my back, calming me down. I allowed my heart to reach it's normal pace before a pulled away.

" You didn't even have to ask." I mumbled shyly, averting my eyes from his. I heard him groan as he tilted my head so that I'd meet his gaze. " I still want to hear your answer Ari." he said, his voice low and hoarse.

" Yes Zach," I replied my voice full of conviction and sincerity, "Yes I will go out with you." I smiled at him and his reaction warmed my insides. He beamed at me, his lips lingering on mine, brushing against mine, our noses rubbing against each other.

" Its a date then Mrs. Price." he chuckled and I probably turned into jelly when he called me that.

I walked into the room with a stupid grin plastered on my face and collapsed onto the bed staring at the ceiling like it was the best thing I'd ever laid my eyes on. Hysteria was building up inside of me, happiness spread through me and covered me like a warm blanket on a snowy day. I buried my face in Zach's pillow and was ecstatic to see that it smelt of him. I squealed, my sound muffled and got up to my feet on the bed, jumping like there was no tomorrow.

" He asked me OUT!" I said out loud and continued my jumping, falling back onto the bed with a thump and rolling around giggling like crazy. I sat up straight and buried my head in my hands.

"Oh God, what's he doing to me?" I wondered out loud and felt my cheeks heat up. I'd basically put on a show that'd put a fifteen year girl to shame. Smiling to myself, I shook my head and got out of bed and walked towards the floor length mirror in the room. I examined my appearence and groaned, realizing the amount of work I'd have to do to make myself look decent enough for Zach. My hair was tangled with the occasional grain of sand stuck in it, my eyes were bright, too glassy for my liking and my cheeks were too red to look halfway normal. The clothes I had on belonged to Zach and draped over me without any definition. I sighed and went through the clothes I'd come to the Hamptons in, a plain peach blouse with some skinny jeans-definitely not date worthy. In the end I turned to the credit card Zach had handed my, despite my protest. I held it in my fingers, my fingers tracing the lettering on the platinum card. I rummaged through my backpack and only found thirty dollars in my wallet, I cursed myself for not keeping my own credit card with me or at least more cash but it was pointless. Zach had insisted I use his card and had sent me home to get ready. He'd been very coy about the whole thing, telling me that he'd pick me up at eight which gave me less than five hours to pull myself together.

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