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“Arianna open the damn door!” he shouted but I ignored him. The banging grew louder making my temper increase simultaneously. Who the hell did he think he was standing there, telling me that I was being childish or stupid? He was the one who’d jumped into bed with a skank while he was married to me! Yes, the marriage was more of a mockery than anything else but I’d thought he had more respect for me than that.

I leaned against the wall opposite the door, staring at it as if it might burst open any second. I flinched as the sound of a fist hitting the door echoed throughout the room. I could almost picture Zach standing on the other side, a vein pulsing in his neck, cheeks flushed and the top of his shirt left unbuttoned.

“Will you PLEASE listen to me.” He insisted in a resigned voice.

“Leave me alone!” I yelled back and was greeted by moments of silence. I walked closer to the door until I knew the two of us were on either sides of it.

“I don’t get why you’re so upset, it’s not like we’re…” Zach stopped mid sentence but it was obvious what he was implying and it weighed down on me like a ton of bricks. He was right; we weren’t actually husband and wife so why was I reacting like this? I paused to think about my answer, knowing my words could easily betray me right now.

“I know we’re not in a relationship but I thought you had more class than that.” I said bitterly before throwing the door open, intending to storm right past him. The intended effect however wasn’t created as before I was halfway across the living room, Zach caught my wrist and spun me around. His iron grip unrelenting as I struggled against him.

“Let me go!” I huffed, trying to get my hand away from him but he used his free hand to encircle my waist, pushing me closer to him.

“Why do you care so much?” he asked in a steely voice and I shivered at the coldness of it. He was fast turning into the man who I had become well acquainted to in the initial days of our marriage and I flinched away from him. His eyes were dark, almost barren to look at and I saw no signs of the Zach whom I had comforted the day before.

“You could go to hell for all I care but no one gave you the right to insult me like that. How would you feel if you saw me in bed with another man?”

If he looked angry before then now the expression on his face was something totally apart from rage. It was a mixture of sadness, hurt and longing. His blue-grey eyes clouded up as I tried to pinpoint what exactly it was that he was feeling. His hold on my loosened but only slightly and not enough for me to free myself.

“If that makes you happy then please feel free to bring someone home. I won’t stop you and I sure as hell won’t make such a scene.” He hissed and my eyes widened, lips parting. He looked more cruel and vicious than I’d ever seen him before and the words coming out of his mouth were making me want to kill him. Was this really him and if it was then what had my sister seen in this guy?

Finally he let me go and the suddenness of it all made me lose my balance. I stumbled back and my legs hit a table. After shooting me one last poisonous glance Zach turned his back on me and rushed downstairs, the sound of him banging his door shut heard all the way upstairs.

I didn’t want to cry, I shouldn’t be affected by what this man did or not. Who was he to me? If I’d ever started to consider him a friend then I was wrong. He was selfish, arrogant and cruel and I cursed the day I ever met him.

Being in the house was suffocating me but I had nowhere else to go. Going home was not an option since my parents had it closed for renovation and were in Italy themselves. I didn’t have any friend to go to either since I had stopped all contact with them ever since the wedding. Showing up at their doors, looking like I’d walked out of hell wasn’t a good option. An obvious option was screaming its name inside my head but I ignored that too. Noah had had his fill of Arianna drama for the day and I wasn’t going to pull him into my black hole of a life.

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