There was an incessant buzzing sound coming from my coat pocket as we rounded the corner to the hospital. There was only one person who had this new number so it wasn’t hard to guess who it was. That said I didn’t want to answer the call, not now not ever. I pulled the phone out angrily and switched it off, throwing it in my duffle.

“Trouble in paradise?” Nick joked but his smirk felt half hearted and I realized the situation was taking its toll on him. We’d both tried to be calm and collected throughout the plane ride and the twenty minute drive to the hospital but now nerves were starting to show. My entire body was trembling and it wasn’t just from the cold, beside me Nick had gone stiff, clenching and unclenching his fists. He had called the hospital once more when we had landed but he’d not gotten much out of it. They told us that Olivia was still under observation and that they’d only be able to tell us more once they’d confirmed we were her actual family.

The thought of confronting my sister was clawing at my insides. I had spent months resenting her but it had just dawned on me that she’d never asked me to marry that guy she’d dumped at the altar. That had been my choice and mine alone and I had no right to hate her. It was her life and she’d made a decision, which while being reckless and stupid for the most part, was hers to make. Now that I didn’t even have anger and regret to shield myself from the guilt, I was most definitely feeling the full weight of what I’d done.

The cab jerked to a halt and I was caught off guard. Nick chuckled as I hit the back of the driver’s seat with force and I glared at him. He raised his hands defensively and got out of the taxi, right, okay of course I was supposed to pay, I thought to myself.  I got out a wad of cash from my back and handed the driver twenty dollars who grunted roughly in response. Quickly I got out and caught up with the blonde already heading for Chicago State Hospital’s entrance. He stopped right in front of the double doors and closed his eyes. I stared at him, thinking about what was going through his mind right now. Guilt, both of us felt undeniable guilt and both of us were scared to death of confronting the girl we’d find inside. He believed he was responsible for her condition and I believed I had given up on her too easily. She was my sister and I hadn’t even blinked before stealing her life, marrying her fiancé and never bothering to look for her. What kind of a person was I? I lowered my head in shame and focused on my shoes as Nick continued to stand stalk still.

“Shall we?” he asked after a while and offered me his arm. I snorted as I walked in on my own, who was this guy kidding?

As soon as we entered the sterilized smell of the hospital attacked my senses and made me feel slightly nauseous. I immediately felt a headache coming up, God I hate hospitals, I thought. Back home the occasion when I had to go to one were rare, my family had been blessed with remarkable good health and perfect coordination skills, safe to say none of us were accident prone. That fact itself was driving me crazy with questions. It was hard to believe that Olivia had gotten into a hit and run but I was more content with that information than the alternative…

“Olivia…Olivia Bell.” Said a stuttering Nick and I shook my head to get out of my own little world. I took a deep breath, okay, you can do this Ari.

The kindly looking reception studied us before typing on her computer.

“Olivia Bell, female, 21 brought her approximately 12 hours ago, involved in an accident in the downtown area.” She read off the screen in a detached monotone and perched up her glasses on her nose.

“That’s her; can we go see her now?” Nick asked anxiously and I frowned wondering why I wasn’t the one asking questions and sounding worried. She was my sister after all.

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