It's Where My Demons Hide

It's Where My Demons Hide

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DRĘAMBĘÑDËR By NinjaLuna Updated Aug 07

•Trust No One•

Since the portal incident, the trust between Mabel and Dipper had shaken. A lot. The bond had been shattered into bits. Mabel tried to mend it, but instead it caused Dipper to go onto a wrong path. This was not what she wanted. Not at all. She did not want a raging demon-turning brother that may or may not had caused Weirdmaggedon. Things were getting out of hand.

Disclaimer: Alex Hirsch owns Gravity Falls. I do not own the Alcor drawing on the cover and the photos I've used for the story. 

Dipcifica / NO Mabill / Also on / Might be based on Transcendence AU at the end. Depends on how the story goes

"Hehe... oh Pinetree if you only new... if you only new..." Bill laughs demonically as he watches dipper's reaction to the Dream by reading is thoughts.
No my Babeh ;0;
                              IT'S THE HAT
                              IT'S DIPPERS HAT
                              BLAME THE HAT
                              *just defending Ford and his Journal by blaming the innocent hat*
Technically he never broken the deal.
                              Bill got his puppet and the events lead up to him finding the author and that it was mugucket's.
                              So..... He kept his deal.
                              So the deal is still on...... Right?
Yes. It's normal for those going through Bill Dick Withdrawal, BDW if you will.
                              "Fine. I missed you. But my aim is gettin' better!"
Chess_Cat Chess_Cat Aug 10
No. You did. YOU pushed him, yelled at him, hurt him. YOU made him give up everything because you were too selfish. YOU chose someone you barely knew over your own twin.