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Darker Perspective  by DysfunctionalRequest
Darker Perspective by DysfunctionalRequest
Set after the events of "Not What He Seems." "Grunkle Stan, I trust you." The words struck hard in Dipper's heart and he knows that something has cha...
Soul Mates (a billdip fanfiction) by Sheep_and_Ducks
Soul Mates (a billdip fanfiction)by Nyx Tenebris
Dipper comes back to Gravity Falls, but things aren't the same. Mabel has some new friends and Dipper's body is only changing for the worst, in his opinion, not to menti...
It's Where My Demons Hide by NinjaLuna
It's Where My Demons Hideby DRĘAMBĘÑDËR
In which Dipper Pines has to sort out his priorities and stop freaking out over the fact that he burnt his best friend's mansion and owed a certain dream demon a life de...
Dipper Lost by WatchfulCooldued2111
Dipper Lostby WatchfulCooldued 2111
Dipper has always been bullied by everyone. Bullied by his sister, bullied by his parents, bullied by his classmates and bullied by the people he once trusted. Its been...
Father Cipher by FishCatCrafts
Father Cipherby FishCat
This story is about Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher! What happens when Bill Cipher has a son he can't keep? What happens when Dipper finds out that Mable is NOT his twin? O...
Darkness Inside by con-star-llation
Darkness Insideby Tree
Dipper Pines mysteriously disappears a few hours after Ford appeared through the portal. Mabel and Ford has a plan to save him but will he be the same boy they knew? I d...
Hello, Little Liar by CircusChibi3000
Hello, Little Liarby Super_Freak
What if Dipper and Bill always had known each other, what if they grew up together. What if Dipper wasn't related to the Pines family at all... What if he was just a pla...
Demon Dipper and Demon Mabel (Zero Gravity AU) by BakuDek_u
Demon Dipper and Demon Mabel ( Enchantes
Thus is the daily life of Demon Dipper and Demon Mabel
What I Want   (BillDip) by animegaygirl
What I Want (BillDip)by Mackenzie Misskerg
This is a Billdip au where Dipper makes a deal with Bill after not being able to same Mabel.
Another demon by Ghost_Simp_lol
Another demonby Awawa :]
Demon Dipper AU Art is not mine, I just found on google, and edited it.
No Turning Back (Gravity Falls FanFic) by RenesideHunter
No Turning Back (Gravity Falls HunterTheHunted
Ever since Bill possessed Dipper, he's been acting strange. The Pine's are worrying about Dipper and what will happen to him. Whenever they mention it, he just brushes...
(Billdip) Bill's Queen of Death by PinkTigerShan
(Billdip) Bill's Queen of Deathby PinkTigerShan
Wrote not great - I have dyslexia First time Dark weirdmageddon (Only 15 Chapters) Dipper becomes a demon. Has Bill tries to gains Dipper's trust. First Story
Alcor the demon by shadowtrigger
Alcor the demonby Tayla Potgieter
Dipper has a secret that not even Mabel knows. But Bill cipher found out and he was interested. Who knows where this relationship will end
You're Scaring Me by cheryypiee
You're Scaring Meby cherryy
NO LONGER ON HAITUS After Dipper got possessed by Bill, it seemed everything would go back to normal, well normal for Gravity Falls at least. But, nope. Dipper starts ac...
Wierdmageden love ( bill dip) ( rewritten ) by Magic-genie
Wierdmageden love ( bill dip) ( Magic Genie
What if dipper fell in love with bill and during all the weird he was put into a bubble and hidden as the weirdness spread. it's now been 10 years and dipper is 23 and h...
Son of the one eye beast by shadowtrigger
Son of the one eye beastby Tayla Potgieter
Read the story and you will know what it is about. Caracters and music are not myne
Gravity Falls : Anything To Stay With You (Billdip) by GravityFallsFreak7
Gravity Falls : Anything To Stay Alfie
It's Dipper and Mabel's third summer in Gravity Falls, but things don't go as smoothly as their second one. Weirdmaggedon has started all over again ; much worse than be...
Trust No One by da_shipping_queen
Trust No Oneby ♡《ghostie》♡
As soon as dipper and Mabel turned 18 they were out of there, and moved to gravity falls with their grunkles. But when the pines family figures out that dipper has been...
NOT MY TWIN {REWRITTEN} by SebastainMichaelis55
{IN PROGRESS} Bill is laying on his deathbed and makes a grave sacrifice in giving dipper his powers. When dipper wakes up the next morning to find what's happened he tr...
Never Letting You Go... by MayraHernandez126
Never Letting You ¿_XARI_?
[ Book 2 ] Two years... Two years since all of the events have happened... One year since Bill and Dipper got married... Nothing inusual has happened, besides the weirdn...