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Your wizarding twin by Pasta_Pasta73
Your wizarding twinby Pasta_Pasta
Mabel has always been an only child, her whole life. Now she is seventeen and spending another summer in gravity falls with her grunkles Stan and Ford. One day a boy...
  • harrypotter
  • grunkleford
  • mabelanddipper
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iNsANe - BillDip by enessayant
iNsANe - BillDipby Pandemonium is a lit word, gu...
|| THIS STORY HAS BEEN ADOPTED || When a child is of the young age of just twelve, they are rushed into a hospital like structure. Inside this tall building, they are t...
  • mysterytwins
  • enasniohcysp
  • sanity
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Fool's Gold (Bill Cipher X Reader) by anadelrey_
Fool's Gold (Bill Cipher X Reader)by anastasia
{Spoilers} (Y/N) was finally back in Gravity Falls where she could catch up with her old friends and see what had changed since her last visit. Soon after she arrives...
  • falls
  • billcipherxreader
  • mabelpines
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I'm a Part of You by DownWithDeathEaters
I'm a Part of Youby Lynn M. Flechner
Caroline O'Raleigh is set for a summer away from her best friends, Dipper and Mabel Pines, as they stay in Gravity Falls for the summer after graduation. But when Dipper...
  • fanfiction
  • dipper
  • pines
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My love for you is incredibly powerful (dipper x reader) by GravityFallsIsMyLife
My love for you is incredibly Cecepines
This was a oneshot but turned into a story so ya!!! The shoutout for this idea was made by @gravityfallsfangirl3 Gravity falls belongs to the wonderful Alex Hirsch!
  • dipperxreader
  • dipperpines
  • gravityfalls
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Blind (A Gravity Falls Fan Fic) by TheGirlWhoWrites1997
Blind (A Gravity Falls Fan Fic)by Danielle Cipher
Bill wakes up blind in the middle of Gravity Falls Forest, to his rescue comes Ford, an unlikely ally, who actually helps him, will he get his sight back or did the Axol...
  • gideongleeful
  • demon
  • dipperpines
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Star & Marco's adventure in Gravity Falls (On hold) by ImmaAnimator
Star & Marco's adventure in ImmaAnimator
Marco's parents decided to have a family vacation with Star in gravity falls. What are the mysteries that they will encounter find out in this story This is my first tim...
  • pines
  • mabelpines
  • dipperpines
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Return to Gravity Falls by arandomderp
Return to Gravity Fallsby Mikayla Shae
Dipper and Mabel Pines have come back to their childhood summer home after 4 years. Things have changed, and it seems odd – even by Gravity Falls standards. [Includes Bi...
  • billdip
  • mabelpines
  • cipherpines
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Gravity Falls Summer by MabelPines564
Gravity Falls Summerby ShootingStar19
(Y/N)'s summer will be on Gravity Falls, Oregon as said by her parents. It was also Dipper and Mabel's summer at Gravity Falls, Oregon too. That means the three of you w...
  • gravityfalls
  • summer
  • gravityfallssummer
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Book Four - Bill's Revenge by Pacifica-Northwest
Book Four - Bill's Revengeby Pacifica Northwest
From where "The Quest For Love" left off, Dipper and Pacifica must lead their friends into a battle to stop Bill's army, filled with previous foes. Adventures...
  • dipper
  • stanpines
  • dipcifica
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Back in Gravity Falls by roloismystyle
Back in Gravity Fallsby roloismystyle
Blah blah blah I'm bored and I ship Mabill so I made this blah blah blah ENJOY
  • billcipher
  • humour
  • gravityfalls
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Pretty little psycho by Alextheking666
Pretty little psychoby Alex
Fifteen years since the twins last been to the falls, ready to explore new places, meet new people and see old friends but not an old enemy.
  • gravityfalls
  • dipperpines
  • ốc
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A Tale Of Two Stans | FanFiction by OfficialDipperPines
A Tale Of Two Stans | FanFictionby Dipper Pines
So, find out the true story found by this guy (me) behind my Grunkles, and well, read the shizzle!
  • dipperpines
  • gravityfalls
  • mabelpines
La Chica Misterio (Gravity Falls Y Tú) by Valuthebest
La Chica Misterio (Gravity Falls Valen
En un autobús hacia Gravity Falls se encuentra una chica, con un cabello sedoso castaño oscuro, de ojos bi-color, uno de iris roja y el otro de iris marrón. ???: Ya quie...
  • gideonalegria
  • gravityfalls
  • stanleypines
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What Lurks in Dark Places by MeMyselfandI2008
What Lurks in Dark Placesby Mint (or Pepper)
Gravity Falls fell into a deep depression, leading Preston Northwest to help the people of the town. A few years later, the town is mostly abandoned, with few exceptions...
  • prestan
  • stanpines
  • soosody
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Gravity Falls: Engine of Vengeance by TrungQuangNguyen5
Gravity Falls: Engine of Vengeanceby Thug life Ghost Rider
"If it's too good to be true, something's wrong". That is what life had taught Roberto "Robbie" Reyes ,a young mechanic working and lived in Los Ange...
  • crossover
  • fanfiction
  • gravityfalls
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I can't fix you (Working Title) (Gravity Falls Fanfiction by LauraDrinnon
I can't fix you (Working Title) ( Dreaming-Eyes
This is a what if story, or basically an alternate ending to Gravity Falls, if Dipper had made a deal before Stan and Ford could do what they actually did in the show. G...
  • dipperpines
  • gravityfalls
  • fanfiction
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