Casanova Heartthrob || Vkook

Casanova Heartthrob || Vkook

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Little_Aphrodite By choojoo Completed

"Pain said I shouldn't live anymore."

Book 2 published - A Casanova Daddy

Don't read this if you don't like it. If you found this story similar to others, that is just a coincident. I made this story with my own ideas. 

Date Started: Febraury 7, 2016
Date Ended: December 31, 2016

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Imafangirl95 Imafangirl95 Dec 10, 2017 i could have been beep but it was tiiit wo
Kimichan72501 Kimichan72501 Aug 11, 2017
Lol, when I read victim I low key checked back at the list to make sure I didn't miss murder or something.
- - Aug 04, 2017
We all do. Today he hugged the luckiest girl in this world. I couldn't take it so I took a leave from all social media and bam! here I am
vkooksgod vkooksgod Nov 23, 2017
whatt? you can actually turning your head all around???????? wth dude
Enditnow Enditnow May 22
A strange staticy noise went through my headphones as I was reading this...and that was exactly what my brain sounded like 😂😂
What does "head turner" mean?😮
                              It could be more helpful if somebody international translate it to me
                              But if there's nobody... just explain it to me in english please~ 😅😊😉