Kim Yugyeom x Reader: Same World Apart... by ionlydream
Kim Yugyeom x Reader: Same World IOnlyDream
"I love you, but............" Y/N is a singer in LA. She lets slip in an interview that her celebrity crush is Yugyeom, and a few months later he does the same...
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Got7 8th member by 2JAE_IS_REAL
Got7 8th memberby Youngjae's Duggie
What if you were the girl group member of GOT7!!! This is my first FF. Thanks for clicking(or tapping)! Highest ranking in Random #14
  • jb
  • jyp
  • jinyoung
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❝You're more powerful than you can imagine.❞ STARTED: July 29th, 2016 ENDED: N/A © RURA.Z
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  • sehun
  • namjoon
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My Black Prince | k.yugyeom by taefected
My Black Prince | k.yugyeomby lilly
"Underneath that sweet princely smile of his, there's a sadistic black prince who is waiting for his prey. And how the hell did I become his prey?" reader x...
  • jaebum
  • bambam
  • romance
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Confused \\ Bambam Got7 {Completed} by majesticbangtan
Confused \\ Bambam Got7 {Completed}by #MajesticTrash
Kira Lynns. A hip hop dancer, that tends to keep to herself. But when she accidentally collides in Bambam from Got7, her entire life gets turned around by one thing. Ba...
  • bts
  • seoul
  • jackson
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got7 imagines [갓세븐] by Dejuuhh
got7 imagines [갓세븐]by 🍋
[interracial included.]
  • jaebum
  • yugyeom
  • imjaebum
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Tinder me «Yugbam» by beautaefulmistake
Tinder me «Yugbam»by [hiatus]
Yugyeom: Twinkle twinkle, little Mook He's on tinder and he's cute He's so handsome and so tall Plus the gayest of them all Kunpimook: Did you just »Yugbam texting fic »...
  • yugyeom
  • tinder
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Instagram | MARKSON ✔ by kpfics
Instagram | MARKSON ✔by FUGLY DORK
whereby two former best friends who lost contact after 5 years, come across each other on instagram.
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Innocent Boy// YugBam Smut by Yugyeoms_Rat
Innocent Boy// YugBam Smutby ¤ Alondra ¤
I am a child of god
  • bamjae
  • babybirds
  • yugyeom
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Living With The D.E.V.I.L. (2Jae) by shiruuka
Living With The D.E.V.I.L. (2Jae)by def seoul
What will happen when Youngjae becomes roommates with Jaebum, the most popular yet evil guy in school?
  • choiyoungjae
  • jacksonwang
  • fluff
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shine by bamgyeoms
shineby ttak joa
got7 gc
  • jaebum
  • crack
  • funny
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This Is It by jendeukiequeen
This Is Itby jendeukiequeen
Empire University is known for its significance as a school where students aim for their dreams and achieve their goal. But the most popular thing in this school is...da...
  • taehyung
  • danceshowdownbattle
  • suga
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Sunshine | 2Jae by bambamismyaesthetic
Sunshine | 2Jaeby yeet monster
❝I will make him regret what he did to me❞ - In where Jaebum got bullied in highschool because he wrote a love letter to Youngjae. The younger is now, 9 years later, hi...
  • mark
  • yugbam
  • youngjae
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Love Me by jacks_hiswang
Love Meby Markson's 69thChild™
{SEQUEL TO HATE ME} fake smiles, teary nights, and two broken hearts is the literal definition of mark and jackson - - - ©jacks_hiswang
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together + yugbam by xukunt
together + yugbamby ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
❛ i just want to be yours. ❜ 一 bambam never expected a reply to his dumb messages. ↺ a 2017 xukunt work.
  • bambam
  • got7
  • yugyeom
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Bulletproof? Bts x reader x Got7 by Jamlessangel
Bulletproof? Bts x reader x Got7by Angel
Your a young American 14 year old girl who can dance and sing also can speak Korean. One day bts was looking for an 8 member. Big hit Entertainment send out additions in...
  • jimin
  • btssuga
  • btsarmy
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17 and pregnant//sugaxreader by foreign_swaggers13
17 and pregnant//sugaxreaderby Stephanie :)))
You and Yoongi had been a couple since freshman year of highschool, this your Senior year. You and Yoongi thought it would be a good idea to go to a party a week before...
  • suga
  • rm
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romeo and juliet  // yugbam by ixjasxi
romeo and juliet // yugbamby ??j a s??
"I'll be Romeo and you can be Juliet." "So, would we be called Yugeo and Bamliet?" "Please no." Highest ranking: #3 in yugbam #2 in markson
  • yugyeom
  • bambam
  • wattys2018
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BTS 8th Member  by PAKDAS
BTS 8th Member by PAKDAS
JunHe is a Taiwanese American. She audition for BigHits and trained for 3 months until she was notified that she will be joining a boy group. How will she deal with bein...
  • jackson
  • yoongi
  • bambam
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babyboy | jackbum by urmycocktail
babyboy | jackbumby tovvent
I was just about to leave the room when a small whisper made me freeze on my spot. "Daddy... Don't go. Lets play." I turned to see Jackson hiding under the be...
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