Name That Apprentice

Name That Apprentice

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This is a book made for everyone's enjoyment, and credits to owner of the idea!

This is a simple game - anyone can comment. I will choose an apprentice's name (such as, Lightpaw, Grasspaw, etc) and viewers get to participate and give the apprentice a warrior name!

A new round starts after one ends, so please do be patient! If anyone wants to suggest apprentice names, go right ahead! Just remember to stay relevant.

There will be a total of 10 rounds in one major round, and the number of slots varies, depending on the number of participants and whether I want to increase the number or not.

Also, if you think it's too boring, suggest a way to make this more fun. Thank you very much! :D

Please read the rules on the first page before you start. They are crucial for every round.

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-Skyfrost- -Skyfrost- Dec 14, 2017
@dinocoolboy Please refrain from advertising on my book. It is impolite to do so without permission.
_Fox_Writes_ _Fox_Writes_ May 05, 2017
I dont think any of those suffixes would match a cat so i probably wont use them
Floriah- Floriah- Feb 13, 2017
Can I participate anytime I want or do I have to wait for a round to be over and then join the game (new round).
toastariin toastariin Apr 30, 2016
uh sorry but what is your grading system on the names, like how do you choose the first place winner out of all the suggestions??
ItsyIguana ItsyIguana Feb 04, 2017
Is it ok that I play this even if I'm not in the contest since it's already over
Ephira_The_Gamer101 Ephira_The_Gamer101 Jan 14, 2017
Well f you didn't know, the answer is the name you put as the name of the part so it's the most easiest thing to answer.