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Conflagration [A Warrior Cats AU] by soft_kitties
Conflagration [A Warrior Cats AU]by softkitties
An alternate universe of the book series Warrior Cats where Bluefur of ThunderClan leaves her home with her kittens instead of giving them up to stop the evil Thistlecla...
  • alternate
  • alternateuniverse
  • thistlestar
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Warrior Cat Clichès by Lazerkat0
Warrior Cat Clichèsby Your worst nightmare
We've all seen the horribly overused story elements by the Warriors fandom. Forbidden love, unrealistic names, predictable plot, hardly crypic prophecies, the list goes...
  • essay
  • cats
  • warriors
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Firestar & Sandstorm/Spottedleaf by Jayhow
Firestar & Sandstorm/Spottedleafby Jayhow
What if Spottedleaf had not died? What if Spottedleaf still lived in StarClan? Everybody knows the Erin's wanted Spottedleaf to go just so Firestar wouldn't have to cho...
  • firestar
  • sandstorm
  • fireleaf
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.:Torn Between Two:. [{Warrior Cats Fan-Fiction}] by FoxLuvR
.:Torn Between Two:. [{Warrior Cat...by TheFoxCat
"One who shall rule shall love, hate, cry, and force a love never meant to happen, and the other shall be hated, loved, and cried for, one day ruling the broken hea...
  • erinhunter
  • cry
  • cried
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Warriors(the Fire Rises): Choises (English version) by StarryOcelot
Warriors(the Fire Rises): Choises...by Charlotte de Ocelot
The first book of the first arc of my Warriors fanfiction series. The first arc focuses around Firespot and is called the Fire Rises. A young kittypet named Rommel, foll...
  • starfurthewarrior
  • warriorcats
  • firespot
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The Lost || Warriors Cats Fanfiction by Birdie_Writes
The Lost || Warriors Cats Fanficti...by Blackbird
"There is a balance that we must keep, no matter the cost." Thrushpaw; a young she-cat in WindClan, aspires to be leader of her Clan but she first must learn f...
  • cats
  • warriorscats
  • apprentice
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Firestar. by lunar-serenity
Firestar.by ( ( l u n a r ) )
" you look like a brand of fire in this sunlight... from now on you will be known as Firepaw " ☓ Untold stories about the cat that saved the Clans, multiple ti...
  • fiction
  • adventure
  • fanfiction
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Warrior Cats Oneshots  by Demon_Corp
Warrior Cats Oneshots by DEVIL'S BRIDE
*REQUESTS ARE OPEN* Just a book of Warrior Cats X Reader Oneshots, Warrior Cats X Warrior Cats Oneshots, or random-ass Warriors shit that may or may not have actually ha...
  • warriorsfanfic
  • erinhunter
  • ferncloudxdaisy
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Bloody Love ( Scourge x Cinderpelt )  by FireLeaf75
Bloody Love ( Scourge x Cinderpelt...by FireLeaf75
Left for dead, Scourge, former leader of the infamous BloodClan, is taken pity upon by none other than Cinderpelt, the gentle and caring medicine cat of ThunderClan. Car...
  • warriorcats
  • warriors
  • scourge
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Warrior cats vore by HoneyBubblegum
Warrior cats voreby HoneyBubblegum
Warning: May contain suggestive content. Read at your own risk. Mostly canon charaters, but some OCs as well. Feel free to send requests!
  • vore
  • warriorcats
  • warriors
Warrior Cat Oneshots(ON HOLD) by Goldenstorm101
Warrior Cat Oneshots(ON HOLD)by Unactive
THIS BOOK IS ON HOLD FOR NOW Hello there! Looking for a place to be shipped with your favorite warriors, get to know Oc's, and read about adventurous warriors? Well you'...
  • romance
  • warriors
  • cats
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Warrior Cats Vore Collection by brightkittycat
Warrior Cats Vore Collectionby Amazing Kitty
Here is a collection of vore stories I've written about the Warrior Cats series. Feel free to send requests!
  • warriorcats
  • vore
  • cats
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WARRIORS: Uprooted Paradise - A Choose-Your-Own-Story by CloudsOfMint
WARRIORS: Uprooted Paradise - A Ch...by Clouds of Mint
SunClan has lived for peace for many moons, happy with their quiet little lives isolated from others. However, danger is coming to their peaceful paradise... and you may...
  • cloudsofmint
  • game
  • windclan
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P O P P Y~ Name That Apprentice by blueclouds-
P O P P Y~ Name That Apprenticeby V A N E S S A
Cover made by @-Snowybunny-
  • erin
  • namethatapprentice
  • warriorcats
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[CLOSED] rushing tides ♔ graphic shop by fallenfern
[CLOSED] rushing tides ♔ graphic s...by ♕
" a graphics shop where graphics are done by me! aka. grey " status - closed
  • ambition
  • aesthetic
  • graphics
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sea foam ♔ name that apprentice by fallenfern
sea foam ♔ name that apprenticeby ♕
" a name that apprentice to fulfill your inner leader! "
  • cats
  • apprenticetowarriorgame
  • wonder
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Warrior Cats x Reader by LilaTheLoner
Warrior Cats x Readerby Ginge
I love Warrior Cats! The best thing about it is all the fanfiction that gets written about it! So, I see people do this, I'll try it and see how things go! I started fir...
  • cats
  • dovewing
  • breezepelt
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Warrior Cat Rp by -_Dakavery87_-
Warrior Cat Rpby Avery and Dakota
Hello! It's Dakota! I am bringing back my old RolePlay as much as I can here. I am putting a list of cats I had in m former one that I played as (WARNING- It's a lot of...
  • roleplay
  • warriorroleplay
  • erinhunter
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rocky shores ♔ grey's original characters by fallenfern
rocky shores ♔ grey's original cha...by ♕
" a characters book full of my oc's that you can take a look at! "
  • ocbook
  • cunning
  • clans
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Warrior Cats RP by Lexa_Skywalker
Warrior Cats RPby Lexa_Skywalker
Come join a Warrior Cats RP where you can be a clan cat, loner or even a kitty pet! The choice is yours! Highest rank: #10 in rping #31 in...
  • rpbook
  • thewarriorcats
  • fun
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