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The Rulebook (Ouran Highschool Host Club ff)

The Rulebook (Ouran Highschool Host Club ff)

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heartrain31259 By heartrain31259 Completed

16-year old Izumi Yokisha is a sassy bad girl filled with Big Apple style and attitude.  She's now transferred from her school in New York to Ouran Academy in Japan.  The elite Ouran Academy is where the filthy rich families send their children to have a fine education. 
	There, the Ouran High School Host Club exists, where the handsomest boys, with way too much time on their hands, host and entertain the ladies who also have way too much time on their hands.  An elegant play-ground for the super rich and beautiful.
	Izumi then gets dragged into the world of the Host Club, where she takes photos and helps make the photo books.  She immediately hits it off with all the boys, especially with Tamaki, the "king" or leader of the club.
	Izumi, being a part of the club gets dragged along for each ridiculous adventure, and adds her "rules" of survival for each one into a "rulebook".  
	But the rulebook can't have instructions for everything, like how to deal with enemies, drama, loss, friends, and even worse, love.

I wish I could say Tamaki and Haruhi are my favorite OTP, but then again, it's a tie between Hikaru and Kaoru, Tamaki and Kyoyo, and Mori and Honey. OMG, I ship everyone with everyone, OMG.
Actually.....the ugliest thing here is........THE ONE READING THIS COMMENT OF MINE!!!!😂😂😂
👏👏👏 people on wattpad should really learn from you how to insert OCs in a natural way
worldpeace24 worldpeace24 Sep 14, 2016
She looked up at the kid who is way shorter than her... Logic.
I think your a player and an total idiot.
                              Tamaki:(runs to his emo corner)
                              Face palm...what do I even expect from him...🙄😒😑
Soull_Evvans Soull_Evvans Oct 19, 2016
Okay.. Oran High School Host Club is my favorite. This book has made its way into my Otaku of an heart.