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Your Tricks Won't Make Me Fall (OHSHC)

Your Tricks Won't Make Me Fall (OHSHC)

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Fire By FireOfUnknownOrigins Completed

Kasumi Roromiya always has to stay after school whenever her older sister does with her "club activities". All she does is sit around and lust over boys who flatter girls by lying. They call themselves the Ouran High School Host Club. Kasumi knows that non of any of those boys tricks could EVER make her fall in love, she's too smart for that. Or at least that was what she used to think...   DISCLAIMER: I do not own OHSHC, this is strictly a fanfiction. The only part of the story that I own, are my OC's, and their actions!! Hope you enjoy!!

                              "you Know what I'm out peace I got Usui and Fuuto to hold me down bye bye"
                              Walks out of the the room as Renge appears 
                              "I see we have a perverted alien lover"
lol when I first read this it reminded me of diabolik lovers
Actually I researched it before writing this and -shi is used in very formal speech when the person is unfamiliar to them. -san is a title of respect used between equals.
I'm reading this again even though the ending made me cry... oh well!
otisrules otisrules Mar 07, 2016
hahaha honey everyone will fall for one of the sempai's *creepy voice* their is no escape😈
Animelovestory Animelovestory Nov 12, 2016
I'd take the yellow mushroom anytime for my uniform. Our uniform may have style, but it's long sleeved and we live in the Philippines where it's mostly really hot! So we're always sweaty!