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Keep It Together (OHSHC/Hikaru Love Story)

Keep It Together (OHSHC/Hikaru Love Story)

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Sydney By SydPhantomhive Completed

Amarante, or if you go by her Japanese name, Katashi, is Tamaki’s fraternal twin sister. After two years of no contact, her grandmother sends her to Ouran Academy from her home in France to become closer to Tamaki, though she doesn’t actually know why. Resentment for her brother still remains in her heart for the awful thing he did; and at the same time, a member of his Host Club is extremely curious about having someone with a twin around. A lot has definitely changed in two years, and she knows most of it is out of her control. External forces rule her life, but trying to fight is futile. Can she really keep it together, or will she crack under the pressure? I do not own Ouran High School Host Club. Cover by Originally posted on Quotev in October 2014

Heh. The Zuka club.
                              Takashi MorinoZUKA
                              Mitsukuni HaninoZUKA
                              Emo-senpai: Yes?
                              YOU BETTER MAKE HER FEEL BETTER!!!
                              Emo-senpai: Isn't that my job?
                              *death glares*
                              Emo-senpai: ON IT!!
I love twins soooo much.   My little twins' birthday is in two days!  (Valentines Day)  <3