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The Jeweltopia Chronicles-Alanna's story(editing)

The Jeweltopia Chronicles-Alanna's story(editing)

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Lisa Yvonne Poulson By princess_lissi_doll Completed

The drums of war have just been sent roaring!! Now whom is my Father's grand army fighting against???, Well no one is entirely sure, but to instill my SAFETY, my Father FORCES me to move out our beloved kingdom of Jeweltopia! 
  The Open Dreams Academy for the privileged and gifted(which is a quiet magic school far away) is now suppose to serve as my HOME!!!! 
  I would dare to fight what he believes to be the best thing to do for me, and flee for a life of my own, but as a Princess I know I live and breath just for the sole purpose of my kingdom and our people.
   At the age of 13, The world becomes a complicated thing  that is more colder than you can ever prepare yourself for!!
    How I make during my first few years is beyond me, but I know any JOURNEY worth while is DIFFICULT! 
   Luckily for me I am not alone on my journey through life, I have many people to guide me on this grand journey called LIFE!
  These people not only guide me, but they shape who destiny wants me to become.
 My nanny Ellen serves as the mother I never was blessed with, and as an angel who will leave me all too soon!
 Tatiana (my Bff) will keep me always on my toes, well that is when she and I aren't trying to stomp on each others toes, over something stupid (such as stolen boyfriends, or revenge!) What's a few lost fingers between friends, right?
   Last, but not least is my beloved Daniel. The boy or should I say man?? Who's my playmate, tutor, number one soldier, best friend, and later my unsuspecting SOUL-MATE, Whom I want to 1 day make as my king! 
   Oh, Did I forget to mention he may also be the MURDERER of not only my eldest brother, but almost myself included????
    Now if you stick around long enough, you'll find why my life story is worth reading. I sodomy swear that I Princess Alanna Ray Valentine have many surprises in store, just for you as the receivers of my tale!

princess_lissi_doll princess_lissi_doll Sep 17, 2011
@slantingwillow  its fine, im glad that your reading ^^ and im glad that you liked it ^^
princess_lissi_doll princess_lissi_doll Jul 01, 2011
@MissDiorCherie Thank you ^^ I hope you will keep reading until chapter 14..Sorry that some of my chapters are so long ^^ but please tell me what you think
MissDiorCherie MissDiorCherie Jun 29, 2011
Oh wow that was really good! Im not usually into all the fantasy stuff but this actually changed my mind keep writing you got some strong characters!
OurUserNameSucks OurUserNameSucks Jun 11, 2011
I think your an awesome writer! Keep up the good work and BTW I think this story is going to be great because I already like it! *Voted* 
princess_lissi_doll princess_lissi_doll Jun 09, 2011
@imran_theauthor  I still like to hear what ppl have to say.... and your an amazing writer or at least I believe so ^^
princess_lissi_doll princess_lissi_doll Jun 08, 2011
@imran_theauthor  thank you very much and I would really appreciate it if you will read my whole story and tell me what you think