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history of the Covenant by diamondprincess47
history of the Covenantby diamondprincess47
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Sonamy Story 2: A Crushed Dream by marshall_marie3
Sonamy Story 2: A Crushed Dreamby Charlie is a Unicorn
A joyful day to start but a gloomy night to end. What if the future set for them isn't the one they expect? Would you rather give your life to someone you hate than the...
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[ON HOLD] The Sons of the King ~ A Chronicles of NARNIA Fanfiction by Lillielou22
[ON HOLD] The Sons of the King ~ Lillielou22
Aleah and Lillie are best friends who dreamt of living in a different world, reality just wasn't good enough. After reading about wonderful places where magic was real a...
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IN ONLY 1000 WORDS by divinelygraceful
IN ONLY 1000 WORDSby divinelygraceful
So this is my book of short stories! Each chapter will be a new story under 1000 words. I may decide to center them all on a certain theme. Comment if you think any of t...
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Tribe Cats- Apprenticeship  (Completed) by Hazelmoon15
Tribe Cats- Apprenticeship ( Isha
As Hazelclaw learns the ways of her tribe she has turns in her shadowed path of life. Can she do her destiny. This book has been unpublished since it is being edited and...
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Hopes Apprentice Episode 5 by Leapso
Hopes Apprentice Episode 5by Leaps!~
A monster of emotions is unleashed among one of the most powerful people in the world... The Sparks Singer. Can he fight his opposite opponent in a one-on-one battle of...
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WODEN'S WOLF by KenFinton
WODEN'S WOLFby Ken Finton
.Did you ever want to go back and live in time? This epic tale of Godfrew, the John Wayne of the middle ages, leads you to experience life in one of the most turbulent p...
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Full of hate, Till I met you ((Toothless x Dragon!Reader)) by IrenaDarkAlphaWolf
Full of hate, Till I met you (( SliverBlind
Y/n l/n was a spirited dragon, who is loyal and generous. Her companion Falina, who is a terrible terror and who is very irritating. In y/n's past, her own family was ki...
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To Slay A Demagogue by Justy0
To Slay A Demagogueby Justy0
What is a Demagogue? You may think it sounds like a monster, and it most certainly is. But this monster wears many hats and you may see it not as a threat but as a frien...
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Alicania by KAHOLGATE
Alicaniaby KAHOLGATE
On the planet Krafla war is made civilized by The Continental Pact of old but Victir knows there is nothing that can make war civilized. That knowledge doesn't stop him...
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Elders of Emor by randombookling
Elders of Emorby Random BookLing
Ali and Desi are two average kids from the back sticks of Maine. Ali has the desire to be noticed by her life long friend Desi, but feels because she is a little chubby...
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Rogue turned Luna by chocolate9787
Rogue turned Lunaby chocolate9787
"I don't know my real name. My master said there was always no need for names only numbers, he gave me the number 3 since I'm third strongest. Our pack consists of...
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Tranquility (Chronicles of Narnia fan fiction) by KageOkamiKogo
Tranquility (Chronicles of KageOkamiKogo
AU Book 4. After two years, Edmund and Lucy somehow find themselves back in Narnia once more, after their adventures on the Dawn Treader, to once again aid Caspian. But...
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Moleman's Epic Rap Battles #15: Invader Zim Vs. Cryptosporidium by Moleman9000
Moleman's Epic Rap Battles #15: MolemanNineThousand
VIDEO HERE: A clash of alien invaders over superiority on multiple levels, and my personal tribute to one of the most unjustl...
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The Rebel Princess (Removed 5/17/2018) by Jamie-Michelle
The Rebel Princess (Removed 5/17/ Jamie-Michelle
Removed 5/17/2018, see inside for further details.
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Rise Above by Nickyree2015
Rise Aboveby Nickyree2015
This story is about three orphan siblings Amira, Samuel, and Savanna. After years ago Amira, Samuel and Savanna finds out the truth about their family history. They we...
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A Magical War by Yami_Kokoro
A Magical Warby Yami_Kokoro
After a "death" because of a curse, Joan must now grow up once again to beat her curse and the war she left behind.
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Bow Down, Alpha  by bluwubird
Bow Down, Alpha by Bluebird
Okay so 1-5 have been rewritten and I just lost all motivation for the rewriting so I wont be rewriting it sorry :( (THIS STORY IS IN THE PROCESS OF SLOWLY BEING REWRIT...
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Meeting with my darkest side... by SadisticSinnerrr
Meeting with my darkest Angie
Abby is a normal girl till she finds her soulmate. With their love and bound, she discovers a part of herself she had no idea existed: her dark side. She is powerful but...
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Demon Bite by kiddie-
Demon Biteby 吴霞路
In the year of 2017 all supernatural beings were exposed to the world. The government held the most dangerous secret from the public since the year of 2011. That was whe...
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