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Peter Parker Gets Sick Way Too Much For His Own Good by disfanatic10
Peter Parker Gets Sick Way Too Muc...by disfanatic10
Peter Parker sickfics and Irondad stuff. These will mostly be multipart stories featuring different medical scenarios. The scenarios I have so far are: appendicitis, poi...
Haikyuu - sickfics  by sapphire050707
Haikyuu - sickfics by sapphire050707
REQUESTS ARE OPEN Just the haikyuu boys feeling under the weather *this book is about the haikyuu characters and how I think they would act if they were sick *includes b...
FEVER || ✔️ by cryincrows
FEVER || ✔️by tommy ☆
jotaro captures a fever while his mom is away visiting his grandfather, joseph, in new york. kakyoin is requested to take care of jotaro, but he feels something strange...
Lucissa fan fiction  stories by harrypottersquad88
Lucissa fan fiction storiesby harrypotterfan88
Narcissa reminds Lucius of all the times she broke down when Lucius gets upset when he says he has failed narcissa and Draco causing him to say narcissa is the strong one
"I just want to play volleyball." ~ Haikyuu Fanficion  by Shioko15
"I just want to play volleyball."...by Shioko15
Slowly I get my eyes to open and look up at Oikawa. He says something but I can't understand. I smile and say: "I just want to play volleyball." A story about...
Feverish by zahraxxx01
Feverishby Zahra 2.0
What would Kageyama do when a precious sunshine suddenly collapse during their volleyball training? Well sorry this will be a superr shortt fanfic.
(Un)lucky Naofumi by batfamily18
(Un)lucky Naofumiby batfamily18
Hello everyone! This is a cannon of what could have happened if Naofumi reacted differently than he did and what the outcome would be. This is after the difference, but...
Loki - Bifrosted Fever by sylviesFriiend
Loki - Bifrosted Feverby sylviesFriiend
This is a FANFIC that takes place following "Thor: Ragnarok" (AU ENDING!!) Thor and Loki travel back to Earth and dwell with Doctor Strange in the Sanctum Sanc...
Hyunjin Sickfics by tomhollandsjawline1
Hyunjin Sickficsby eric
These are oneshots of Hyunjin being sick/not feeling well while the rest of the members comfort him. Hope you enjoy this!
Fever (A Lucifer Sickfic) by starlaxy224
Fever (A Lucifer Sickfic)by Alwaysdreaming
Maybe Lucifer has been spending too much time around the detective. Lucifer discovers that being around Chloe not only makes him vulnerable and able to get hurt, but she...
Fruits Basket Fanfic Nurse Tohru? by -exlipze-
Fruits Basket Fanfic Nurse Tohru?by Scxrletz.vfx
When Kyo,Yuki,and Shigure all fall Ill and Hatori can't make it over to help. It's all up to Tohru to help and nurse the other's back to health or is it?. (This story is...
Roadtrip Sickfics by AndSunSalutations
Roadtrip Sickficsby Soup, Sex
Just a few roadtrip sickfics :)
Sickfics by RoseaFx
Sickficsby RoseaFx
I write mainly vomit, fever, fainting, and a lot of whump. The beginning are a few samples of my work, and I do requested as well. I torture my characters, and give what...
Sick Day by sophies_burnt_bacon
Sick Dayby Daisy 🌼
When the reader gets sick and does her absolute best to shrug it off, despite being extremely unwell, it's up to the people of the 4077th to take care of her. And if at...
Fever (Sick Deku) (BakuDeku) by crimsongaze
Fever (Sick Deku) (BakuDeku)by CrimsonGaze
When Midoryia comes home one day from being out in the rain during patrol, he falls sick over night. His roommate Bakugo has no other choice than to help his sick "...
Jin Oneshots and Sickfics by DeniskaTen
Jin Oneshots and Sickficsby i-i... okay
"Jin staggered back to the center of the room. His shirt was sticky and wet with sweat. He stared at his reflection in the mirror, his face paling when he saw how e...
Larry Stylinson Sickfics by 17blackcherry
Larry Stylinson Sickficsby no chance Louis can read my u...
Just some fluffy Larry stuff when they're sick! Hope you enjoy!
Changed || ATEEZ Wooyoung Fanfic by _Tae_Hwa_
Changed || ATEEZ Wooyoung Fanficby _Tae_Hwa_
Dahee, an ordinary high school student, whose life is not stable. She kept transferring her schools. People around her don't even care about her. So she starts to hate p...
ᖴEᐯEᖇ// Sunki by kpop-blackmonster
ᖴEᐯEᖇ// Sunkiby kpop-blackmonster
ᵀʰᵉ ᶠᵉᵛᵉʳ ʰᵉ ᵍᵒᵗ ʷʰᵉⁿ ʰᵉ ˢᵃʷ ʰⁱᵐ ᶠᵒʳ ᵗʰᵉ ᶠⁱʳˢᵗ ᵗⁱᵐᵉ. ᴵᵗ ʷᵃˢ ˢᵗʳᵃⁿᵍᵉ. Started: 26th Mai 2021 Completed: //
Fever!| Deku catches a cold | Bakudeku  by SakuPanda20
Fever!| Deku catches a cold | Baku...by SakuPanda
A cute lil' story about Deku catching a high fever and Bakugou being a tsundere and caring for him :D