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Lii By purplewolfgirl79 Completed

Logan Hendricks, 17, Alpha of The Moon Shard Pack starts a new school with a few pack members. He thinks it'll be a normal robot like school life. Well that's until that beautiful chubby girl was dragged into the office. Logan imprinted on the girl and sparks immediately fly.

Ari DeMar, 16, normal human girl.. ish. She moves from England to America with her mother; they are both sick of the sympathy people give them constantly because of the accident.

Logan barely manages to control his wolf whenever he's around Ari. And even though she's human, the mate bond is just as strong.

"It's not like love at first sight really. It's more like gravity moves suddenly. It's not the earth holding you here, it's her. You become what ever she needs you to be, no matter what it is. As long as you're around her it's worth it. Whether you're around her as a lover, protector, or friend. It's all worth it. Just so you can be with her." -purplewolfgirl79/ Jacob Black.

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Mandi60460 Mandi60460 Sep 18, 2017
My name is Amanda and I still have to hold someone's hand before crossing anything
Simone_H Simone_H Feb 13
We almost have the same last name only mine is without the C
FellOnDeafEars FellOnDeafEars May 30, 2017
Ahahaha my name is Amanda and that's exactly what I would have done at 16
LonerInTheHood LonerInTheHood Nov 21, 2016
When I read this, I imagined Logan backing up, slamming himself onto the wall, and putting a hand on his chest while sliding down the wall 😂
                              Dont ask me why I imagined this
youwouldliketoknow youwouldliketoknow Jan 31, 2017
I don't understand why she got upset. Is it like a you'll know later? I'm assuming it is
FiftyShades_Of_Melon FiftyShades_Of_Melon Sep 02, 2016
English lesson: Seperate your paragraphs when someone else is speaking.