My Young Mate (Book 1 in Young Mate series)

My Young Mate (Book 1 in Young Mate series)

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#1 in Werewolf 

Blake is the Head Enforcer of the Blood Moon Pack. The Biggest Pack in the world! Reaching a population of 25,000 werewolves. He is best friends with Alpha Xavier being 21 Xavier found his mate. The Blood Moon pack is one big family. In a month Blake will be turning 21 and that's when he finds his mate. But when Blake finds out that his mate is none other than 16 year old Aria the Alphas little sister. What will he do?

Aria is 16 and she is the Alphas little sister. She is also the pack's princess. Everyone in the pack is protective of Aria. She is smart, and funny, caring, outgoing, and a helper like her mom the previous Luna.She knows that the pack is like family and she is really close to her brothers friends. But what she doesn't know is that she has a mate?? And her mate is a person who has known her, her whole life? Plus she has this wierd Prochecy over her head!! What is she going to do? 

Join the journey of Blake and Aria!

(P.S. I was young when I wrote this story and it was my first story EVER! please be nice.)

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