Alpha's Little Secret (Completed)

Alpha's Little Secret (Completed)

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Clarity is the Daughter of one of the biggest packs in America.. the Blue Mountain Pack. Her brother is the next Alpha in line and is overly protective of Clarity. She doesn't want a mate and has promised herself never to fall in love with someone else and keep to her somewhat innocent self.

Her mate Xavier, alpha of the Greenwood Pack which is the strongest pack in America, on the other hand is completely opposite. he has been searching for his mate for a lifetime. He promised himself to keep his Luna with him from the moment he laid eyes on her. he is possessive, but he only wants whats best for his mate and in his mind its him.

will Clarity accept Xavier? will they overcome their difference? what will happen if they do accept each other?

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  • love
  • mates
  • rouges
As much as I would love to read this, I'm sorry, I just can't get past the spelling, lack of punctuation (no capitals, not even for I?) and grammar. It doesn't matter how good a story might be, but if you can't read it properly, what's the point?
trinkrazo trinkrazo Dec 09, 2017
The premise is very good, the plot is looking good, but death on a cracker the grammar is horrid.   Bad grammar kills good stories.
Nevergiveupdool Nevergiveupdool Jul 21, 2016
So....... Why have u gotten no comments?! Ur story is amazing!