Pranking the Bad Boy {Completed}

Pranking the Bad Boy {Completed}

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Laney :) By xXForever_LoveXx Completed

Grace Holland was never the kind of girl to consider payback. 

Until one Friday night when she makes possibly the biggest mistake of her life: she gets on the wrong side of Cole Adams. 

But what she never expected (but probably should have) was that he would come back fighting, double.  What ensues is a rivalry between them that involves skill, secrecy, masterful planning and a whole lot of humiliation that'll make even the most egotistical of people blush from embarrassment. 

Stay tuned for secrets, pranks, laughter and maybe (possibly) even some love thrown into the mix. 

And what has Grace done to make all this happen? 

Well, she must be Pranking the Bad Boy.


Cover: diprox
Trailer: sofiesss

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dimedepressed dimedepressed Oct 05, 2017
the ting goes skrrra pap pap ka ka ka skidiki pap pap and a pu pu drrr boom SKYAAA
4DiVeRgEnTlover4 4DiVeRgEnTlover4 Dec 06, 2017
i don't like Taylor Swift so ima imagine her as Ashley Benson
that_middle_child that_middle_child Jun 14, 2017
I love all these comments cuz although I agree with almost all of em people at my school wear like $60 what the heck people
OreoCookiePrincess OreoCookiePrincess Oct 14, 2017
Me: you shouldn't hate people...positive vibes blah blah blah
                              Also me: I hate everyone
CamCam_14 CamCam_14 Aug 11, 2017
Honestly I find these comments so funny because where I live you would be lucky if you found a shirt that was just $50
THE_Blunicorns THE_Blunicorns Oct 25, 2017
I feel the need to mention that there's a Grace Holland in my school ._.