Hey, guys! Wow, so we made it :) This is officially the end of my very first real book on Wattpad :')

Thank you so much to everybody who has stuck by me since day one. You guys were amazing. Thank you to everyone who voted, commented, fanned, added my book/s to their reading list and supported me. Every morning when I wake up and check my emails and see a notification from Wattpad from one of you guys, the biggest smile comes onto my face.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me, befriended me and stayed with me through strange updating times, weird rants and all of that good stuff :)

I love your comments and you guys made me love writing :)

You guys mean the world to me, and please don't let this be the end for us! Please continue to support, even if it means checking out my other books. You guys mean the world to me and I don't want to let you guys go!


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