Chapter Ten - Breaking the Rules

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"Matt, it’s Grace. You’re probably at football training right now, so you can’t pick up, but I just wanted to say that I was sorry for saying those things I said today at lunch. What I said… it was mean and I can’t believe I said those things. I’m so sorry. Can you please call me back when you get this? I wanna talk and sort things out with you. Please just... don't give up on me. I swear things will get better. Don't give up on me." I disconnected and leant my head against a wall, taking in deep breaths.

            I still wanted revenge against Cole and I was going to get it. One way or another. I would make Matt see my reasoning and hopefully convince him that this was a good idea. But after that phone call was made, I had to push Matt to the back of my mind. I couldn’t have any distractions for what I was about to do next, otherwise things could turn out really badly for me.

            I never considered myself a law-breaker. I hadn’t ever gotten a speeding or parking ticket, I didn’t vandalise or trespass, and I had never even returned a library book overdue. I was a saint in the world of law and order. I liked it that way. I had a clean slate, and I felt like a fulfilled human being that way.

            So, you can imagine how idiotic and wrong I felt breaking into Cole’s mansion. I was dressed in a black hoodie, black jeans, and my hair was tied back in a severe bun so that no hair would escape. I had on black leather gloves and black boots that I could run in if need be. The hood of my jacket was drawn over my head, casting my face into shadow and hiding my identity.

            Breaking into people’s houses is not fun. It is also very tiring and it hurts. I almost impaled myself scaling the large gates that surrounded the mansion multiple times. I was pretty strong, for my size and weight, and I managed to get myself over that fence pretty well, but, heck, those things were sharp.

            Please don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t endorse breaking into people’s houses. In fact, I discourage it. It is a majorly drastic action and should only be undertaken… well, never. It can result in jail and pressed charges, which was something I was desperately trying to avoid.

            I wasn’t here to steal any expensive heirlooms or just to vandalise or egg the house. No, I was here to try and find something of Cole’s good enough to use against him for a prank. The way I saw it, he wanted to post photos of me online, I'd do something even worse, one-up him. Take away his dignity even more than he had done to me.

            Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is something the old Gracie would never consider doing. Breaking into someone’s house? I used to think that was the equivalent of testing new super-drugs out on poor, innocent puppy-dogs.

            But I planned for this to be the last prank. The be all and end all of our little rivalry. I think both of us were growing tired of attempting to humiliate each other. Well, I was. I’m not sure about Cole. I was going to pull a prank that he couldn’t possibly fight back on. I wanted it to stop. Just one last prank. To come out on top and leave my horrible pranking history behind, as well as Cole. I had other things to focus on, and I didn't need this getting in my way anymore.

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