~Chapter Twenty-Eight - Awake~

Cole’s POV –

         The next morning after prom, I sat in my room, flicking through the pictures on my phone. So many were of Annie and I smiling together, and I looked at every single one of her. She was so beautiful, her dress fitting her perfectly. She truly looked stunning.

         I was the luckiest man in the world.

         I’d come a long way since seven months ago, when Grace was just some intriguing hippie girl I liked to prank and wanted to get to know better. Now she was a close friend and confidant, and I was dating her best friend, the most beautiful girl in the whole world.

         Looking back, I realized how stupid and petty and immature I was. Some arrogant jackass who liked to embarrass people for no real reason at all.

         Grace Holland had changed me, with the help of Matt Fordman and Annie Fisher. They had shown me that I could be more than some stupid bad boy; that I could be something.

         Downstairs the phone rang, and I considered leaving it. Today was Juanita’s day off, and dad was at a conference trip, leaving me here all alone. I really didn’t want to get up.

         But I decided it was best, just in case it was an important call. I legged it through the house to the portable home phone, and picked it up a little breathlessly. “Hello?”

                  “Hi, is this the Adams’ household?” a masculine, clipped voice asked from the other end of the phone.

         “Yes, it is,” I answered politely. “How may I help you?”

         “Hi, this is Dr Colin Burnes from Alderidge Hospital. May I ask who I’m speaking to?”

         “Uh, Cole,” I answered slowly, my heart picking up its’ pace.

         “Aurora’s son?” he checked.

         I nodded. “Yeah.”

         “Hi, Cole. We’re just calling to say that we’ve found a heart donor for your mom. We’re preparing her for surgery as we speak.”

         I leant against the counter, feeling light-headed and dizzy. My mom was coming out of her coma? I could finally see and speak to her again?

         “Man, are you serious?” I questioned.

         There was a chuckle from the opposite end of the phone. “Extremely. The operation will be finished in about six hours. Is your father around?”

         “No, he’s in a meeting. I’ll leave a message and be at the hospital in twenty minutes.”

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