~Bonus Chapter - Back To Where It All Began~

         “What are we doing here?” I asked Matt as we snuck through the darkened corridors of Alderidge High.

         Waves of nostalgia washed over me as I remembered all of the memories here. Graduating three years ago; all of the pranks Cole and I had played on each other.

         I hadn’t been here since my graduation, and it was strange to think of all the things that had changed. The lockers were a different color, walls had been repainted; everything was fresh and new.

         “I’m pretty sure this is illegal,” I told Matt as I tightened my grip in his hand. “I mean, in school after hours when we aren’t even students. You broke in.”

         “Hey, the door was open,” Matt pointed out. “They’re at fault here. Plus, you’re planning to be a teacher here, anyway. I’m figuring an early tour should do it.”

         I rolled my eyes. “I’m not sure this is a good idea,” I sang quietly.


         “Trust me, Grace,” Matt said.


         I sighed and looked around at the posters. I had no idea where we were heading; only that we were somewhere in the east wing.

         Just then Matt stopped in front of a pair of heavy double doors that I immediately recognized.

         “Matt, why are we in front of the study hall?” I whispered.


         He looked at me over his shoulder, giving me a crooked, mischievous smile that sent my heart plummeting. “I want to show you something.”

         He pushed open the doors and stepped inside. I gasped as I looked around the study hall. Fairy lights were strung around the rows of seats, and rose petals led a trail to two seats that had a candle in between the desks.

         “Matt,” I breathed out. “What is this?”

         He led us through the trail of rose petals, and I looked around at the study hall that had been converted into some kind of romantic den. I breathed out as nervousness twisted my stomach. What was going on?

         He led me through a row of chairs. “So, Grace, do these chairs hold any significance to you?” Matt asked, looking at me through his lashes.

         I smiled immediately. “Yeah, these were our usual seats in study hall.”

         He sat down in his usual seat, and I sat down in mine. Five years ago, these were where we sat habitually every day for study hall.

         “There’s also something else really important about them,” he said.

         “What?” I breathed.

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