~Chapter Eleven - Risky Business~

I, Grace Holland, was about to be caught breaking and entering.


            I could hear the footsteps through house, so I quickly put the photo back in the shoebox, closed it up, locked the drawer and replaced the key exactly where I found it.


            Then came the footsteps on the stairs. I silently cursed and snuck out through the door, stepping into the closest room and closing it just as footsteps walked past.

            I’m going to be caught. I’ll go to jail. I broke into Cole Adams’ house and went through his private drawer.


            Please be a nightmare.


            Everything went silent as Cole’s footsteps ceased, and I held my breath. Please don’t find me, please don’t find me, please don’t find me.

 His footsteps had gone silent just outside the door, and I could see the shadow of his feet underneath the crack of the door. I stayed completely still, knowing that if he opened the door even just a little bit, he would be able to see me.

The silver door handle slowly began to turn, and my heart knocked against my ribcage so hard I was convinced he would be able to hear me.

This is how I'm going to die, I thought to myself. Locked in an arrogant, jerky Bad Boy's house. He'll kill me. Asphyxiate me with his huge muscly body.

I was just contemplating my chances of survival when all of a sudden a loud ringtone went off, and the door handle ceased to turn.

A second later I heard Cole chatting away on his cell to some unknown stranger, and his footsteps picked back up as he walked towards his room, talking about football stats and margharita pizza.

 When I was certain he was gone and his bedroom door was closed, I snuck out of his room and ran for my life.

~          *         ~


            I made it out alive! Always a bonus.

            That night I sat at my computer researching the competition Cole had won, until I stumbled across his picture in the Images section. Gangly, geeky, weedy Cole Adams holding a trophy advertising his love for the violin.

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