Chapter Eighteen - How A Heart Breaks

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~Chapter Eighteen - How A Heart Breaks~

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Matt’s POV –

“I’m in love with you, Grace!” I screamed, my voice slicing through the cold, wet night.

Her face iced over in shock, and my heart palpitated loudly as I gulped. Had I really just admitted my true feelings to her? The feelings I had been hiding so well for two years?

How could I have let that slip out?! This was not how I had planned to tell her, and I found it impossible to have that suddenly just spurt out without thought. For two years I had been able to hide it, all for it to suddenly come out in a moment of anger. Talk about ruining a moment.

“Matt, I didn’t… I didn’t know," she whispered slowly. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes, now surprised and a little angry. God, she was amazing. I shook my head almost imperceptibly, ignoring the thoughts that stung my mind like a million little tiny hornets, all begging for attention.

         “And the news I wanted to tell you was that I just got a football scholarship to attend the college you’re going to,” I continued, knowing it made no difference whatsoever. I just felt like I had to get it all out. “I thought I’d tell you how I felt. I thought maybe you felt the same way. But I guess I was wrong.”

“Matt, I—,” she began, but I barely heard her. I was too caught up in my own thoughts. 

         I looked off down the street, not meeting her eyes. Quietly, I said, “I had everything planned out. We’d go to the same college. I finally didn’t have to pretend I wanted only to be friends. God, I thought it worked out so perfectly.”

I had imagined us so many times over the last few days, after the football scout had approached me about a football scholarship after Friday night's game. It just so happened to be the one Grace was planning on attending. I could see us walking through campus hand-in-hand. I wouldn’t have to hide my feelings for her anymore. A little part of me really had thought that she felt the same way.

I had planned to tell her everything tonight, over dinner. I had made us reservations in a fancy Italian restaurant, splurged a month’s worth of pay to get us into something so high-class. It wasn’t really Grace or my style. But I felt I could celebrate a little. Thought maybe tonight was the night it would change.

Finally, I did what I had been longing to do ever since I met her two years ago in study hall. My hands reached up to cup her cheeks, and I leant forward, pressing my lips to hers.

I felt her gasp in a surprised breath, but I didn’t let her go. Her lips were even softer than I thought they would be. I shut my eyes, savouring the feel of her.

After a second or two, I forced myself to pull back.

Now had not been the time to do that. In her expression I could see shock. She probably never thought I’d do something like that.

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