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S y n o p s i s

It all started with a joke.

I could make it more interesting, lie and say that it actually started with a smile, or a lie, or something more dramatic and enticing, something that would draw you in more.

But I'd be lying. And I don't lie.

Well, I never used to lie. But that all changed when I met Cole Adams.

Anyway, it didn't start with a smirk or a smile or a lie, though over my time with him, all of those things have happened.

But it started with a joke.

A simple joke on the New Girl. That New Girl would be me, Grace Holland.

And of course the mastermind behind that joke was the school's resident Bad Boy - and total jerk, if you ask me - Cole Adams.

I didn't retaliate, thinking that karma would come to those who wait. But it didn't. He still had a weedy kid completing his homework, a sun-kissed cheerleader on each arm and a school that worshipped the ground he walked on.

But still, I didn't do anything.

I'm not the kind of girl who retaliates. I kept my head down, did my work and never even thought about doing anything to Cole Adams. Why would I? You don't play with fire, unless you wanna get burned.

Maybe I was finally fed up with watching Cole Adams get his way all the time. Watching girls grovel at his feet, watched the world treat Cole as if he was the center of the universe.

Whatever it was that finally made me tick, it worked.

Because that Friday night, I was finally ready.

It's payback time.

A u t h o r ' s N o t e

I will warn you in advance: this book isn't very good. I was 13 when I wrote this, and let's just say it's not my best work. It's cliched, it's got some really cringe-worthy lines, and I am fully aware how terrible it really is. I no longer read comments on this, so while you are free to express your opinions, please do it in a respectful manner in order to avoid fights. But please don't leave nasty comments. I know it's bad. You have been warned.

D e d i c a t i o n

Dedicated to my fearless readers and followers who have shown me an insane amount of support. This was the first book I ever published on Wattpad, and I owe my life to the people who showed me happiness through this book. 

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