Chapter Two - Party Time

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~Chapter Two - Party Time~

The first thing I thought as I stepped into the expensive house was, “Wow, it’s loud.”

            Even though the party had only been on for around fifteen minutes it was already filled with half-drunk teenagers. All of the furniture in the lounge room had been moved to the side, creating a makeshift dance floor where music pulsed out of the expensive subwoofer speakers, the bass reverberating through the whole house and making the expensive China in the mahogany cabinets rattle dangerously.

           Most people I knew from school werew there, dancing with someone, cup of alcohol in hand and bodies closely packed together and making inappropriate movements that would have made my grandmother blush. Geez, get a room.

            I jumped as Jonathan appeared out of nowhere, drunk as hell and speaking with a slur. His normally lovely hazel eyes were hazed over, and his dark hair was plastered to his forehead, where perspiration was beading at his widow's peak. He swayed on his feet. “Hey, my lovely ladies. How are you going?”

            “We’re good, John,” I said, looking around with a facsmilie nod. “Nice party.”

            He looked around and grinned, revealing a row of slightly crooked white teeth. “It’s a success, don’t you think?”

            “Yeah. Are your neighbours OK with this?”

            “Oh, yeah,” he said, and used an index finger to point out chatting and dancing folk. “They’re here right now! There’s Hank and Nora, the couple next door with an annoying dog called Clover. And there’s Kyle, who provided the beer. Then we have Jayson, Ramona, Carla, Tim, Sherrie, Luca, Tommy, Karina, Lucy, Moira, Rhonda and the twins Eric and Erica.”

            I didn’t bother telling him that I didn’t really need the rundown of all of his neighbours who were attending the party. A simple assurance would’ve sufficed.

            “Good to know,” I said, holding fast to Annie, who was gaping around the room in awe and looked like she would flutter off any second. I didn't trust a slight girl like Annie not to get herself into some serious trouble at a party like this.

            Just then his attention was snapped to someone else, and he screamed so loud that I thought my eardrums would surely burst, “Jacob! My maaaaaaaaaaan!”

            He moved out of our way towards a handsome jock, and Annie and I started making our way through the crowd. I moved towards the refreshments table—which was conveniently located near the windows where I could get some cool air. It was stifling in here with all of the sweaty bodies.

            Annie went to grab some chips, but I quickly pulled her hand away. “Don’t do that, Annie. That’s a communal bowl. Who knows who’s put their hands in there and what they touched before it.”

            She shuddered and moved away from it, clasping her hands in front of her and staring around awkwardly, swaying back and forth on her feet and searching for faces in the crowd.

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