~Chapter Fifteen - Afternoon Surprise~

The next two weeks passed fairly uneventfully. I saw Cole about another five times, but he still seemed hell-bent on not learning anything. When he did do a little bit of work, it seemed like he didn’t really need it. In fact, he seemed to be kind of… intelligent.

Weird, I know.

         He also didn’t pull any pranks on me, which mystified me. In fact, we seemed to actually be growing closer. Don’t get me wrong, he annoyed me beyond belief, and several times I longed to hit him over the head with a particularly heavy English volume (thank God for my amazing self-restraint), but sometimes I actually seemed to get along with him.

         We still bickered like an old married couple, and he still teased me, finding something new to tease me about every single day, but I found that we had some stuff in common, like our mutual dislike for each other.

         It wasn’t much, but it’s a start.

         Today was my day off, since Cole had cancelled our tutoring session last minute—for some reason some part of me was disappointed by that. I kinda liked our playful bickering sessions. But I had decided to spend some quality time with Annie and Matt, since I seemed to be sorely lacking in the friend area as of late.

         Our SATs and the end of high school was drawing closer, meaning that everyone was studying their asses off in an attempt to ace these SATs and get into their dream colleges—myself included. Not that Cole was really inclined to learn anything during our sessions.

         But Matt, Annie and I had decided to just have a day away from studying and just hang out at my place. Matt was in charge of bringing the drinks, Annie the food, and I was bringing the location and movie selection.

         It was a Friday afternoon, and my mother was working the overnight shift, meaning that Matt and Annie were staying overnight at my place to keep me company, while Angel stayed at Miranda and Stacy's.

         Tomorrow afternoon Cole had rescheduled our tutoring session. Great.

         After Matt and Annie arrived, and we set things up, we all curled up on our own chaises and watched the movies.

         It felt good being able to lay back, without work or tutoring Cole. It felt like forever since I had been able to have a good time with just my friends.

         I should’ve known that wouldn’t last for long.

         The movie was halfway through an intense fight scene when my cellphone started ringing. My friends looked at me with raised eyebrows, but I waved it away. "It’s okay. Just ignore it.’

         If it were anyone important, they would’ve called my home phone.

         My phone rang again, and I grunted, standing up. This person was persistent, I’d give them that. I went into the kitchen and picked up my cell off the bench, sliding across the screen and bringing the phone to my ear.

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