~Chapter Twenty-Seven - Prom Night~ 

 Six Months Later...

“Do I look okay?" I asked, surveying myself in the full-length mirror, twisting this way and that to check myself from all angles.

"Are you kidding? You look gorgeous," Annie exclaimed, staring at me.

I looked at the dress: corseted, coloured ivory and gold, which pooled around my feet. The straps were off-the-shoulder with pearl flowers. My hair was curled and pinned into an elegant chignon, with wavy strands cascading and framing my face, some pinned back with elegant gold clips.

Annie also looked beautiful. She was wearing a red dress that hugged her curves, with a heart-shaped neckline. It also fell to her feet, and had only one strap. Her blond hair was curled back into a side bun, her side fringe hanging low over her eye.

It was prom night, and of course it would be our last prom ever. Next week we graduated.

All our SATs were over, and Matt, Annie, Cole and I were going to the same college: Annie for medicine, Matt for environmental science, Cole for law (he had decided he wanted to be a lawyer), and I was going for Musical Performance and English Literature.

Emilie and Alyra were going to a different college, but it was only thirty miles from us, and we had already sworn to keep in touch.

A lot had changed in the last six months: Cole and Matt were back to being best buddies, all past rivalries forgotten, and Aly and Cole were getting along really well. Things seemed perfect, and I was floating in a blissful state.

Just then my mother came in, and spent the next fifteen minutes gushing over how beautiful we looked, and taking thousands of pictures.

We all jumped when we heard the doorbell. My mother gasped and shooed us upstairs, saying we needed to make a grand entrance like they did in those cheesy movies.

"Please don't embarrass us," I whispered to my mother as we made our way back to the second floor.

I should've known better.


As soon as they were inside the house my mother's voice echoed up to us.

"Don't you boys look charming? I might have to keep you for myself."

I groaned and hit my head against the wall as I heard footsteps echoing downstairs.

Matt and Cole were arriving together and meeting us here, so that we could all go as a foursome.

"You know, being the mother to Grace and very close to Annie, I feel the need to warn you guys that if anything happens to the girls, I will have to hurt you. I don't want a granddaughter in nine months, and I don't want my daughter's best friend to have a kid in nine months, OK? Keep it behind the zipper."

"Oh, god," I muttered. "I swear she's doing it on purpose. Just to make me squirm."

Annie snickered into her hand as my mother called up to us. "Girls! Your dates are here!"

"Right now they're probably wishing they weren't," I muttered, picking up my clutch containing my make-up, license, and wallet, and stepping into the hallway.

We made our way to the stairs, and Annie and I began to descend them. One hand gripped the side of my skirt to hitch it up, and I probably looked like some maiden in the 1800's, except with deodorant and considerably better teeth.

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