That night, I sat on my bed cross-legged, once again dialling Annie’s number. I thought she was the most likely of the two to answer my call. Matt was stubbornly freezing me out, not replying to my feeble attempts at apologising. Not that I could really blame him. I would’ve done the exact same in his position.

            It seemed that Annie was also resolutely freezing me out. I felt terrible about what had happened, and their faces were stuck in my mind, making my stomach twist. What if I lost my two best friends over this… this stupid rivalry?

            I sent a text to Cole (bold move, I know) asking for another truce, no more pranks. Just trying to have a somewhat civil relationship with each other. I was yet to receive a reply.

            "Dinner, Grace!" my mother called from downstairs, and I sighed. I placed the phone on my bed, brushed my hair back into a neat side plait and made my way down the stairs.

            I froze around the corner of the kitchen as the sounds of a masculine voice floated towards me. My mother would’ve warned me if someone was coming over, and the voice was familiar.

            Slowly I made my way into the kitchen, and froze as the guest swivelled around to face me. A pleased expression lit his face as he said, ‘Grace! You’re mother and I were just talking about you.’

            What the hell was Cole Adams doing in my kitchen?

~        *        ~ 

            "Mrs Holland, this pasta salad is just delicious! My mother would love to have this recipe. You’re an awesome cook," Cole said ten minutes later, spooning even more food onto his plate.

            How is it possible for a boy to eat this much and stay so thin?!

            My mother smiled in response. "Why, thank you, Cole. It’s lovely for someone else to have dinner with us. We don’t have guests over very often."

            "What are you doing here, Cole?" I cut in. After observing Cole and my mother chatting and him seeming cheery and amiable towards me,I was beyond suspicious about Cole’s intentions here.

            "Oh, Grace don’t be so rude to our guest," my mother admonished.


            "Are you Grace’s boyfriend?" my little sister Angel asked, and in that moment she really didn’t seem very angelic. I wanted to hit her upside the head.

            "Angel!" I cried. "No, of course not."

            Cole chuckled. "No, Angel. Grace and I are just really good friends. Aren’t we, Grace?"

            He looked at me, and the look in his chocolate-brown eyes was saying, Agree with me, Grace, or your family knows about every bad thing you’ve ever done in your life, right here, right now.

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