Pranking the Bad Boy {Completed} by xXForever_LoveXx
Pranking the Bad Boy {Completed}by Laney :)
Grace Holland was never the kind of girl to consider payback. Until one Friday night when she makes possibly the biggest mistake of her life: she gets on the wrong side...
  • bad
  • cole
  • matt
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The Prankster (Marauders Era Harry Potter) by awakeninq
The Prankster (Marauders Era michelle
{COMPLETED} "I'm the Prankster. I'm the best of the best, Potter. I always will be." Chrysalis Adams. Beautiful, arrogant, cocky, the Prankster. Sometimes it's...
  • fanfiction
  • marauders
  • chrysalis
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Little Potter (Marauders Era) by TurnOutTheLight
Little Potter (Marauders Era)by Nox
"Who are you?" a voice asked as soon as I whipped round, his wand at my throat. His voice and eyes were cold and hard and if looks could kill, I would be dust...
  • funny
  • peterpettigrew
  • marauders
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Exploding Cupcakes by LittleWolfMia
Exploding Cupcakesby Mia
NEWTs, boys, baking, pranks and dark magic. What could possibly go wrong? ._._. Whisked away by her father's house elf to reside in Romania when she was only 2 months ol...
  • fanfiction
  • durmstrang
  • teenagers
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Colors by Silly_Smol_Bean
Colorsby Smol bean
"Create a new color and I won't prank you again." "Deal." Claire Becker; artist. George Weasley; prankster Total opposites but when they both find t...
  • twins
  • ravenclaw
  • george
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Twin Reflections by 21penmanships
Twin Reflectionsby 21penmanships
(short humor story) Who knew Dame-Tsuna has a twin ? Wha-- wait... There are two Tsuna's ?! Oh shit! They're both pranksters! How would everyone handle this ? Who is wh...
  • sawada
  • twins
  • tsunayoshi
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Ultimate Pranks by Shmaablz
Ultimate Pranksby Shmaa
Has your friend ever pranked you soooo bad you just want to slap them right across the face? Do you want to get your friends back for all the humiliating things they mak...
  • besties
  • crazy
  • pranksters
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Amazons VS Marauders by Llamariane
Amazons VS Maraudersby Llamariane
The Marauders always thought they were the best at pranking. They were extremely arrogant about it, so four girls decided to show them they were wrong. Everytime the Mar...
  • ariane
  • quotev
  • magic
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The Four Seasons ✔ by Lovebeingforever
The Four Seasons ✔by Vingu-Angu
meet the quadruples, Spring,the bubbly and the outgoing 17 year old who expects perfection. Summer, or who likes to be called Sam;the hot-headed and short tempered 17 y...
  • pranking
  • badboy
  • generalfiction
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backfire ↠ fred weasley by -emmareese
backfire ↠ fred weasleyby em!
" Charlotte Sangster was, to her dismay, completely in love with her best friend by the time their fifth year ended. She was done pretending. She loved Fred Weasley...
  • goldentrioera
  • georgeweasley
  • hp
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The Marauders Imagines and Preferences by STELLZA1999
The Marauders Imagines and SPARKIE
Just a bunch of Marauders Imagines written by yours truly.
  • remuslupin
  • siriusblack
  • themarauders
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Object Lyric Pranks! by Kitstenk
Object Lyric Pranks!by Kit Kat <3
Has this been done yet? I dunno 😂 This is EXACTLY what the title says! Objects, whether they be OCs or from Object Shows; pranking each other with song lyrics! Sound...
  • pranking
  • songlyricprank
  • random
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The Ludo in Saeculum by GradeAFan1
The Ludo in Saeculumby H.R.M.J.G.R
For Elizabeth Lilyana Potter her 2nd year at Hogwarts things started changing in the most unexpected way, she became friends with two of the people she has been prankin...
  • lupin
  • hp
  • hpff
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High School War Zone by ClaireValdez
High School War Zoneby ❤ Claire ❤
Move, it's Drew Gedaway. New to the school, and new to the country. Oh, and she wants to become captain of the boys soccer team, and you better not be trying to stop her...
  • fun
  • boyvsgirl
  • battle
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How To Prank A Prankster by EatAllDemBurgers
How To Prank A Pranksterby Jasmine ;)
In which the college prankster becomes roommates with a gorgeous bad boy. ------ One house. One prankster. One badboy. A Full-Out War.
  • pranks
  • enemies
  • roomies
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risk taker  by mochaccinos
risk taker by mochaccinos
warning⚠ do not read if you are easily offended a book to annoy, prank etc. use it at your own risk. different ways to annoy and prank people. give me your suggestions...
  • annoying
  • funny
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50 Ways to Annoy Your Friends by spoopyeddie
50 Ways to Annoy Your Friendsby e d D i e 💛
this is a comedic book. don't take this seriously, but by all means, go ahead and annoy your friends. don't blame me if you are shouted at. btw, some of the things in th...
  • pranking
  • funny
  • pranks
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It's April Fools Day! by Princesa_Vampiro
It's April Fools Day!by Princesa Sirena
!COMPLETED! Can you guess Addison's favourite time of the year??? Christmas? Nope! Valentine's- No way! Hallowe- Nah! Then what? Well, it's April Fools Day! ...
  • blood
  • dad
  • ashton
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To far  by TheSkyElf
To far by SwedishViking
The Weasley twins goes to far when they have a "Prank Percy" marathon. Warning: suicidal thoughts in it
  • littlemeantwins
  • weaslys
  • harry
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🌻Male!FriskxFemale!Reader-Determination and Flower Peddles/Petals [On Hold]🌻 by FloudAndChime
🌻Male!FriskxFemale! ♥ ( Floud ) Dawn ( And ) Wint...
About: ( old )in this story you fall down the whole in mt. ebott and you gain the powers frisk would have and you will meet flowey like frisk did but you will meet frisk...
  • flowers
  • xreader
  • shortorlongupdates
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