The Prankster (Marauders Era Harry Potter) by awakeninq
The Prankster (Marauders Era michelle
{COMPLETED} "I'm the Prankster. I'm the best of the best, Potter. I always will be." Chrysalis Adams. Beautiful, arrogant, cocky, the Prankster. Sometimes it's...
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Little Potter (Marauders Era) by TurnOutTheLight
Little Potter (Marauders Era)by Nox
"Who are you?" a voice asked as soon as I whipped round, his wand at my throat. His voice and eyes were cold and hard and if looks could kill, I would be dust...
  • hogwarts
  • remuslupin
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Twin Reflections by 21penmanships
Twin Reflectionsby 21penmanships
(short humor story) Who knew Dame-Tsuna has a twin ? Wha-- wait... There are two Tsuna's ?! Oh shit! They're both pranksters! How would everyone handle this ? Who is wh...
  • reborn
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The Ludo in Saeculum by GradeAFan1
The Ludo in Saeculumby H.R.M.J.G.R
For Elizabeth Lilyana Potter her 2nd year at Hogwarts things started changing in the most unexpected way, she became friends with two of the people she has been pranking...
  • weasley
  • prankster
  • potter
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Anything but Ordinary by angelicrelic
Anything but Ordinaryby angelicrelic
This story is based on a strange dream I had, written in first person. There will be lots of tickling.
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  • pranksters
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Hope For Midnight by thatgoldenchain
Hope For Midnightby Georgia Napier
Thea McAdams is her entire schools class clown. She's not afraid to get her hands a little dirty, piss off all the teachers or sensor the potty mouth she's obtained fro...
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I Solemnly Swear (Remus love story) by fishygirl16
I Solemnly Swear (Remus love story)by Fishygirl16
Juliet Avery has a twin brother and a secret to keep. When she meets and joins the Marauders in their years at Hogwarts, will she be able to keep her secret and if not...
  • remus
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Gangsta[OnHold] by KittyMadxz
Gangsta[OnHold]by Klouie
Highest Rank - #379 in Teen Fiction Category • 052717 • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• She's the girl who was a rebel, coldblooded, rude, don't care for ev...
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Miss You So Much , Ed by thebangtanempath
Miss You So Much , Edby Adrianne
Mishel is all set for re-uniting with her friends after about 10 years . keeping back her true self is nothing new for her . She always expects the unexpecte...
  • mystery
  • losangeles
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