~Chapter Five - Putting A Plan Into Action~

"Hey, Tristan, you made it!" I said, jumping off the seat in the café and embracing him in a tight, bone-crushing hug.

            Tristan had been a friend of mine for as long as I could remember since I started here. We met in the supermarket when our shopping carts collided in the cereal aisle, and he went to the public school ten minutes away. We hung out whenever we could and studied together in the library. He was a whiz in math and biology and I helped him in literature, history and geography. We were a good team.

            "Hey, Grace!" he said, his plump lips tugging into a grin. He had cropped fair hair and light gunmetal gray eyes. "I was gonna call you soon, but I’m glad you beat me to it."

            We both sat down, and he must have seen something in my eyes, because he asked curiously, "Everything okay, kiddo?"

            He had taken to calling me kiddo since we met, since there was a noticeable size difference between us. He was a good six foot four, whereas I dampered down at five foot six. It annoyed me, but I couldn’t really comment, because it was sweet and familial at the same time. Our own private nickname. Plus, I did call him Sasquatch every now and then, as well. I gave as good as I got.

            "I have a massive favor to ask that is both going to insult your manly-hood and possibly make you mad, but you’re the only person I had to help me." I gave him the puppy-dog eyes to at least get him listening to what I had to say.

"What is it?" he asked, worry lacing his words. "And why do you need me to do you a favor?"

            "Cole Adams has been giving me hell lately and I would just like to get revenge."

            "What about karma?" he asked, his fair eyebrows pulling together.

            God, why was everyone so interested in karma?! I thought angrily.

"Well, karma has been no help to me so far, but I really need your help. This is karma in a kind of way, as well."

            He leant back with a smirk. "What exactly is this prank, kiddo?"

 ~          *        ~

            "No way," he said as soon as I finished explaining. The smirk had disappeared from his face. "Over my dead body, Grace. You’re one of my best friends, but there are some lines I will not cross."

            "Please, Tristan. I’ll only need you this one time and it will all be over. Please, please, please," I begged. I swear, I could give Annie a run for her money in this begging department.


           "Oh, come on dude! I helped you score Abby! You couldn’t have gotten your girlfriend without my interference and you said you owed me!"

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