~Chapter Twenty-One - Fight Night~

You know how some people say how amazing it would be to have two hot guys fight over you?

I have to say that... when it really happens, it isn't that enjoyable.

I screamed as Cole punched Matt square in the jaw, knocking him back several steps.

I ran forward and seized Cole's sleeve just as he drew his fist back to land another blow. Matt's blood already flecked his knuckles, and my stomach flipped.

"Grace, move out of the way," he ground out, pushing me gently to the side. "I don't want you getting hurt."

"Stop this!" I screamed. "Don't do this! Please... just stop."

Cole ignored me and turned back to Matt, who grabbed Cole's lapels and pulled him down on the ground.

I froze in shock as I watched Matt give Cole a pretty impressive right hook and Cole retaliated with a very dirty cheap shot in a place that I imagine no guy really appreciates being kneed in.

Matt gasped for air, but pushed against Cole's chest and kicked his stomach, effectively winding him.

I stepped forward to intervene, but jumped back as they grabbed each other's collars and began to roll down the slope slowly, trying in vain to punch each other.

They both seemed pretty evenly matched, which surprised me. Cole, being a Bad Boy, was notorious for getting into fights, but I had always envisioned Matt as this humble, peaceful guy who had never fought like this.

I couldn't believe they were fighting over me. I mean, they had always been friends. Hell, they played on the same football team. They went to parties together and five days ago they had been sitting on my couch, chatting and sharing chips at my house. How had things changed so much so soon?

Not to mention how awful I felt for doing this to them.

Was I really standing here contemplating life while I watched my friends fight? Really, Grace, you need to get your head straight.

I jumped forward, trying to pull one off the other, but there was just a mess of tangled limbs. Blood was coating the grass surrounding us, and I tried pulling what I thought was Matt off Cole.

I turned around, knowing there was no way I could possibly disentangle the two alone.

I waved my arms when I spotted Annie walking with her twin brother, Grayson, and his friend, Zak.

They all stared up at me in confusion, when I called out, "Help me! Help me, please."

I wondered what Annie, Grayson and Zak were doing walking across the football field when I remembered we were right next to the carpark, and Grayson and Zak normally stayed after school doing extra football practice. Sometimes Annie stayed back, too, since Grayson and Annie shared a car. That was only if she didn't feel like walking and couldn't get a lift from me.

Now I was grateful for her laziness.

I turned back around to assess the fight happening around us and gulped at the sight.

Matt was on top of Cole, straddling his waist as he aimed punch after punch at his face.

I tried calling his name, but Matt didn't seem able to hear me. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth and he yelled at Cole, each word accompanied by another punch. Cole was trying to fend off Matt, but he was pretty weak and bloody.

"You... bastard," Matt ground out angrily. "She... deserves... better... than you."

I spun around to see Grayson, Zak and Annie two-thirds of the way to us.

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