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Hey guys so here are the winners for the one-shot competition entries. I just want to thank everyone who entered. All of your works were amazing, and I wish I could give everyone a place, but I promised 3, and 3 is what I shall give.

Special thanks to XMyLoveForYouXx for her amazing one-shot, you'll always be a winner to me :)

And to WellAlwaysHaveSummer for writing a fan fiction of Pranking the Bad Boy called A Different Outcome  (Check it out if you haven't and support it so that she continues!) Now onto the winner:

3rd Place: 3rd Place goes to Until_The_End24. Her entry was funny, lighthearted and the ending was a total "Nawww" moment. I love it so much and think it is totally amazing. Check it out and show her support so that she knows how amazing at writing she is.

2nd Place: 2nd Place goes to somegurlinthiswurld for her incredible entry. It was hilarious and the characters were so alike it was like I was reading a chapter I wrote. It was funny and amazing and I am so proud to call it a one-shot entry for my book.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for...... *drumroll*

1st Place: 1st place goes to the totally amazing and gorgeous kaitzishere!!!!!! Her entry was so sweet and so well-written. She had banners and covers and trailers made and her characters were in-depth and she has shown so much time and effort into making this. The grammar was perfect and the entry had real potential and it was just so amazing. She has always supported the book and she really deserved first place. Thanks so much, Ally! xx

The winners will receive their prizes via email, but thank you to everyone who entered. Everyone's entry was amazing and I am so proud to say you guys are my fans! You guys inspire me and your entries were top-quality.

Thank you everyone!


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