Chapter Six - This Means War

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~Chapter Six - This Means War~

"Where is he?" I muttered, pulling out my blocky phone and once again punching in his phone number.

            It rang eighteen times before it connected to voicemail. "Hey, you reached Tristan. I’m either really busy or I’m screening my calls. If I don’t call you back, know that it’s probably the latter. Leave your name and number and let’s see if I get back to you."

            "Tristan," I shouted into the phone over the pounding music pulsing from the subwoofers in the lounge room. Have I mentioned before that parties are really loud? "Where are you? If it’s cold feet, don’t be nervous. You’re an actor and its guaranteed your performance will be great. Please hurry! I’m going into full-fledged panic mode! And you know that I'm not good like that!"

            I ended the call and looked at Aly and Emilie. Emilie was looking at me with a curious expression and Alyra was nervously glancing around, as if afraid something bad was going to happen again. My heart gave a pang for her.

            "He’ll be here," I told them reassuringly. "He promised."

            I took a deep breath and stood on my tippy-toes, peering around. Matt was still keeping Cole occupied—thankfully. He was a big part of this plan. It was Matt’s job to keep him in the same place until Tristan turned up. Right now they both held cups of beer, and Cole was telling some kind of story, gesticulating animatedly with his hands, a smile on his lips.

            It was then that my phone vibrated, and I immediately pressed the Start Call button, bringing it to my ear.

            "Tristan?" I asked hopefully.

            "Hey, Grace. Sorry I didn’t answer; we were in a tunnel and I told Abby everything just so she knew the plan and wouldn’t get the wrong idea. She’s with me right now. Wanna say hi?"

            "No, Tris!" I cried. "Don’t—"

            "Hey, Grace! How are you?"

            "Abby, hi," I breathed out, resisting the urge to run a hand through my hair. Abby was an alright girl—it was me who set her and Tristan up—but she tended to be a little… over-enthusiastic. Not to mention the fact she was one of the biggest blabbermouths on the East Coast.

            "Well, we’re almost there. Anywho, I love the plan. I heard what happened and about the revenge mission and I think that is sweeeeet!!!! Trissy here is an awesome actor, so I’m sure it’ll be just perfect."

            "Thanks, Abby. Glad to know we have you on board."

            "I can’t wait to see it. I’ve seen Cole around at parties before and he’s always flirting with one girl or another. Time for him to get what he deserves." Her voice was ecstatic and enthusiastic and love-struck, and I smiled. She was just one of those people.

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