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Secrets ~Jeff The Killer X Suicidal Reader~

Secrets ~Jeff The Killer X Suicidal Reader~

28.6K Reads 969 Votes 32 Part Story
Quiet~Chan By Quiet_Tears Updated Jan 15

My whole life is a lie.....
My Family...
My Childhood....

.........and my Best Friend.

harrypotterfan722 harrypotterfan722 Dec 17, 2016
Knee length black with silver streaks and black eyes. Irl, I have dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.
Long red and black ombre hair with bloodshot red eyes tbh I'm really really really really really really really ugly
GeekyTheFreakyPie GeekyTheFreakyPie Dec 17, 2016
I have little over mid-back brown curly/wavy hair and brown eyes. My bangs cover my left eye actually.
ninjakitty702 ninjakitty702 Dec 25, 2016
Long curvy black hair with a hint of purple and dark purple eyes
This is my fav song of all time! My sister thinks I'm weird cause I'm singing along to it...she does not know the song...x3
Hocaspokeas Hocaspokeas Oct 27, 2016
I have long black hair and blue eyes but my cheek bones are uh.... Yeah