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The Crushed Spider by iwritesmutdotcom
The Crushed Spiderby Freddie
Peter Parker. A lonely kid who lives with the Avengers. He's incredibly depressed and begging for help with his actions. The team is oblivious. Will they realize their m...
Restart: A Sans x suicidal reader by Lefluffster
Restart: A Sans x suicidal readerby Fluff
You're depressed. Not only depressed, suicidal. Your whole life has been meaningless, and gone off the wrong road. Taking the leap, you try to end your life, only starti...
Fallen Spider [Irondad Spiderson] by c0nsultingcriminal
Fallen Spider [Irondad Spiderson]by Fletcher
[May knows about Peter being SM and so does a villian] After Ned and MJ get hospitalized from a car crash, Peter's depression goes through the roof. He seems all normal...
One More Time by sad_AI
One More Timeby sad_AI
He was there...climbing the path that leads to the edge in the highest island in Ionia hoping he could end it all there. Feeling like there's nothing left in this world...
Suicidal, ME? NO, NEVER! (Not the typicall Chatfic) by Chimera_Regarion
Suicidal, ME? NO, NEVER! (Not Chimera_Regarion
After a couple of group chats that were created and destroyed, Mic decided to give it another shot and created a UA staff group chat. Unfortunately for him, he made an e...
PILLS~All Boys Foster Home Story  by america_fxckyea
PILLS~All Boys Foster Home Story by アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ
Taylor Woods, 16 years old has always had a difficult life. His parents were still together but that didn't mean their life was paradise especially for Taylor. Taylor wa...
tommyinnit angst by gay_faguette
tommyinnit angstby gay_faguette
tommy lives in an abusive household, and hides so much more then his friends could ever think of, will they be able to help him before it's too late? also, each trigger...
Can't Escape (Depressed Izuku x Bakugou) by mangoes_are_valid
Can't Escape (Depressed Izuku x mangoes_are_valid
Izuku Midoriya. The happy, cheerful, cute little boy that we all know and love. His life is going great, besides the fact that it's actually a mess. After finding out th...
The Truth Untold || J.Jk by Andspritee
The Truth Untold || J.Jkby Jeon Cena
❝Why do you love me? I'm just a maid.❞ ❝I didn't love you for what you are, I loved you for who you are.❞ ❝B-but just look at you and look at me, you are so powerful t...
Smile for me || PJM. by KookieINSFIRES
Smile for me || KookieINSFIRES
Jimin goes abroad for a year but comes back completely different. -------------------------- ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ • Angst • Eating disorder • Self-harm • Suicide attempts DO NO...
Great Advice - Swan Dive! (Not your usual Chat-Fic) by Chimera_Regarion
Great Advice - Swan Dive! (Not Chimera_Regarion
Due to something rather unexpected Izuku turned into his older self. Now being back in the body of a 10-year-old child, Izuku doesn't remember anything about being part...
Jay's Twilight by CearraRH
Jay's Twilightby Sea_Are_Aitch
Sky Jay Swan is the adopted sister of Bella Swan. She physically looks 18 but in reality 196. She is Logan Howlett's twin sister, he doesn't remember her anymore, so she...
Is That What You Wanted? (Ao no Exorcist ) by ZoeChan768
Is That What You Wanted? (Ao no OkumuraRinu
After the whole incident with Amaimon, Rin has been feeling devastated and depressed. He doesn't know how to feel, act or even exist as everyone is staring at him with g...
hell? is that you? by _summerdepression_
hell? is that you?by _summerdepression_
Ash is a 16 year old that battles with living in an abusive home. She's learned to stick with what she knows and stay alone in this. Ash loves to pick fights with anyone...
You are not alone (Kageyama Tobio x Hinata Shoyo) by MomoDeKawaiiNeko
You are not alone (Kageyama lassiblue
⚠️Trigger Warning⚠️ Don't read of you are an emotional mess because ethos will only make your life more depressing. If you are, talk to someone. Believe me, they love yo...
wrong number | ✓ by indecisivewords
wrong number | ✓by s
in which a girl texts the wrong number and gets a response.
Parallax (Suicidal Vigilante Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Parallax (Suicidal Vigilante Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
No one has the right to intervene in the life of another person. That was something Izuku knew but ignored soo many times. He wanted to help, and the only way to do so w...
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Alex's Story by teehyyaaa
Alex's Storyby Teh♥️
Alex Michelle Northern. Such an innocent name, right? Alex was always the nice girl, never did anything wrong, and mostly perfect. Except she had a secret. She's bulli...
Frozen Hearts - Katekyo Hitman Reborn by mintgreyashes
Frozen Hearts - Katekyo Hitman 「 Lız 」
Always so cold. Always pretending. He never once allowed others past his barriors. Sawada Tsunayoshi has constantly allowed himself to be controlled like a puppet. Satis...