Traitor ➳ Blake [1]

Traitor ➳ Blake [1]

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Emily 🍒 By cherrywriting- Completed

"How do I know we can trust you? You're a grounder."
"You don't."


[Prequal to Renegade]

(based on the hit TV show "The 100")

season 1

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Why do people always point out the race of the person if they're black? Like no one ever writes "the milk skinned" or "white man".
adambnks-- adambnks-- May 22, 2017
Why are you guys so triggered by the term, "coloured man"? its her reference so stfu
ImOfficiallyShook ImOfficiallyShook Jan 11, 2017
Great to meet you Emily. I'm Nicole.
                              (Now picture this sentence, but with an Australian Accent.) xD
KileyPayne KileyPayne Jul 03, 2016
I like Ariana Grande but I don't see her for a good face claim for a grounder. But it's you're book so do as you please :)
twostard twostard Jan 09, 2016
OMG! So good so far I love how the character is a grounder : D <3
cherrywriting- cherrywriting- Feb 07, 2015
bc Zona is a grounder, she speaks differently and doesn't call people black who are black. I don't know if that made sense lmao @eIectraslut