The Elementals: The Dawn of New Abilities

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Book Two of The Elementals.
    It's the end of Val's first year at Abled University and already she feels as though The Elementals have grown to be family. There are, however, secrets that the Elementals are hiding and with the help of Derrek and Helena they need to find out what those secrets are. Will they be able to coerce the information out of them that could potentially help find and stop the 'inhumane Elementals', as well as destroy Malum?
I read the last book in like 6 hours lets see how fast i read this one
wtf isn't cara with malum though or did the story skip ahead
oh my goodness, first book is a BLAST!! thank u for being my inspiration whom i looked up too. really looking forward to other books u'll be jotting down:)
I love this book please write a third one. I wanted your advise on my own work called The Elemental Beginnings. It would mean a lot if you could comment on it.Thank you
Hope you write the third book of the elemantals.tell me if the spelling is wrong.good luck!!!!!!
This book is great i love the cliff hanger and its killing me to know what happens next.XD