Chapter nine

[Derrek’s POV]

My eyes flew open and I cried out in shock as I struggled to jump out from under my blanket. Shock turned to complete and unadulterated rage as I began to shout expletives at Blake. Blake was doubled over on his bed practically crying of laughter while I was stuck under a blanket of ice.

Literally a blanket of ice.

Blake had tucked the edges of my blanket under my mattress and frozen it completely to ice and I was too in shock to do anything but struggle under the freezing blanket. “You freaking ass!” I shouted. I tried to ignore the freezing coldness that seemed to want to seep into my pores and I concentrated on my anger.

I thought of the heat of the desert, the heat of stepping on burning coals and imagined the blistering temperature of the surface of the sun and I began to feel the ice surrounding the blanket melt quickly into lukewarm water. The blanket began to set alight and I threw it off of me, glad to have finally gotten out from underneath it.

“Aw man! You should’ve seen your face!” Blake shouted between bursts of laughter. “Ahhhhh!” he shrilled in a high pitched girly voice throwing his hands in the air.

I did not sound like that.

A gust of air blew out of my nostrils like a bull readying itself before charging. I tightened my hands to fists, my knuckles white against my skin, and I grabbed the fire that was burning holes in my blanket and threw it straight at Blake like a baseball. The burning red flames lit up the room and flew straight at Blake’s head. “Whoa, crap!” He ducked quickly just in time for the flaming ball to scrape over the top of his hair. “Not the face damnit!”

It seemed as though he didn’t take me seriously enough. I raised both hands up above my head clapping them together and flames grew within my palms. As I spread them farther apart the flames grew and I quickly clapped my hands together again. I’d cut the large flaming ball into several darts and I grasped them all in one hand.

The room was dark and the fire darts were the only source of light seeing as outside the sun had yet to rise. What the hell was the time?! My flicked over to the alarm clock, only just realising that it hadn’t gone off yet even though I’d set it for half five. The bright red numbers read just past four o’clock and I growled. Why in the hell would this freaking Elemental even want to wake up this early?!

“Seriously?! It’s barely past four o’clock Frosty! What the hell!?” I shouted rolling one fire dart between my fingers.

He coughed back a laugh and snickered, “It’s payback Matchstick!”

“No... this is payback!” With great precision I threw the darts quickly one after the other and spelt a ‘D’ with the flames across Blake’s t-shirt. He jumped up from the bed and cried out panicking as the darts melded back into a flame and it began to take over his shirt.

He started jumping up and down while patting the burning parts of his shirt and I saw steam rise as he swatted the fire leaving hand shaped marks of slight frost where there was once fire.  I hoped that t-shirt was expensive, I thought grimly. I slumped back onto my bed and cringed. My sheets were wet from the melted ice and there really was no point in going back to sleep seeing as I would have to wake up in about twenty minutes anyway. I concentrated on my body temperature, making it rise and I saw the air wobble a little at the heat waves emanating from my skin.

In three seconds my bed sheets were dry again and I groaned as I hauled myself up from my bed and dragged my tired body to the bathroom. Stupid Elemental waking me up, I cursed in my head as I stepped under the spray of the hot water. Why couldn’t I have been put with any of the other Elementals? Why couldn’t he have been just shoved in with the other Elementals? As a matter of fact, why couldn’t he just sleep in the hallway?

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