Chapter sixteen

[Val’s POV]


I pried my eyes open to the sounds of painful groaning from Helena’s bed. I turned under the warm blankets to face her bed and saw Helena grasping her head while trying to haul herself up into a sitting position.

Quickly, I threw the blankets back and instantly felt the whip of cold air as I ran over to her side to keep her from falling over. “Helena, are you alright? How are you feeling this morning?”

She steadied herself and looked up at me with a confused expression colouring her face. A few more bruises had shown up across her face this morning and the bump on her forehead looked quite tender but her eyesight was clear and she seemed focused enough, despite being confused.

“Morning? Where am I?” she croaked.

“You’re back in our apartment. Do you remember anything that happened last night?” I asked her patiently. With a bump that large on her head I wasn’t surprised she was a little hazy about the details from last night.

Silence fell over us as she recalled the events from last night. The moment she remembered her hand flew to her mouth and she gasped as her eyes widened. “The shadow!”she whispered. “Where did it..? How did I...? What...?” Half finished questions came stumbling out of her mouth.

She looked so confused and scared that I couldn’t help wrap my arms around her to help calm her down and offer a little comforting until her breathing returned back to return from the erratic hyperventilating she was bordering on. “Deep breaths, Helena. Calm down” I instructed her.

She breathed deeply through her nose and slowly blew it out through her mouth and once she seemed in control I began to explain to her what happened. “Blake brought you back last night. You were unconscious and have a few bumps and bruises but nothing serious enough that we needed to bring you to the Healer. Blake said he heard you scream and ran over to you when he saw the shadow hovering over you”

I saw Helena shiver, whether she realised it or not, and I didn’t think it was from the chilly air. “The details are a bit unsure because Blake didn’t explain it all too much but Sparky came down and proved that fire was a weakness for the shadow.  They said the shadow flew off into the forest and they immediately brought you here” I shrugged, “And that’s all I know. We’re going to Mr Obsidian to inform him about what happened last night and I really think that you should come along”

Helena nodded and winced at the sudden movement, “Sure. I wonder if he’ll know why the shadow came at me”

“So far, there are way more questions than answers. I can just hope that we’ll find out at least some of these answers”

We showered and dressed and ate a quick breakfast before stepping out of the apartment and to walk down to Derrek and Blake’s apartment. Helena looked down while we walked anytime a student walked past to hide her wounds and I couldn’t help but think of how her self-esteem had once again taken a hit.

A year ago she was running around shouting to the entire floor that we were holding a party for my birthday and now she shied away from too much attention. I smiled at the memory of when I lectured both her and Derrek that they would not throw a party for me again this year and I guess with all these different events happening they forgot about it. Which I preferred.

We reached their door and I knocked firmly against the smooth wooden door when I heard shouting from the other side. I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily, “Geez, it’s honestly never ending with these two!” I sighed to myself.

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