Chapter 19

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Chapter nineteen (not edited)


“Thank you, Mr Obsidian” Marco thanked the dean. “We have much to think about and will return another time with our conclusion on the... Elementals”

“Of course” Mr Obsidian bowed his head, “Until next time. Shall we?”

“No need. I’m sure we know our way out. Don’t bother yourself walking us out” Tatiana laughed off. The four leaders turned to walk off but I couldn’t help overhear the low muttering between Marco and Sicilianna. It was hard to understand but as they passed us the words ‘unsafe’ and ‘liability’ were clearly stated... and I knew that couldn’t be good.


[Val’s POV]

Silence fell over all of us as we watched the retreating backs of The Control. Jumbled up emotions were scattered all over my brain as I watched the four leaders slowly disappear. I tried to make some sense of these emotions, picking each emotion out to assess.

Relief. I felt my lungs begin to function properly now that the four most powerful Abled were leaving the campus.

Fear. What did they ask of the Elementals, and what were they really thinking?

Anger. Why did they have to visit now, of all times? And also at the fact that the shadow was now gone.

Curiosity. Where did the shadow go? Was it merely a coincidence that The Control appeared now?

And finally... fatigue. Everything came crashing down on me and I felt so damn exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.

The last of the leaders disappeared and immediately Mr Obsidian spun to face us, his brown eyes landing on Helena and myself. “I do believe that you two ladies bumped into me for a specific reason that you deemed important?” he stated more than asked as he raised a black eyebrow.

“It’s the shadow, Mr Obsidian” Helena pipes up. “The one we told you about when we returned from Crane’s Hollow”

Mr Obsidian’s face grew completely focused and I could feel the tension radiate from his body from where I stood. “What about it, Helena?”

“It’s here. It... Well it attacked me last night when I was out for a walk and if Blake hadn’t come just in time I don’t know would have happened. Then just earlier we were walking through the forest and it attacked us. It can multiply sir, the shadow can multiply itself although it’s only illusions. But that’s not the strangest part, sir...”

Mr Obsidian leaned closer and nodded for her to continue, however, Derrek jumped in and continued. “It’s not really a shadow” He explained. “After it attacked us, it sort of... changed. It’s whole demeanour changed and the next thing we knew the shadow split in half and turned out to be two girls a bit older than us”

The dean’s expression turned to curiosity and confusion. “Two girls...?”   

“They’re names are Chimera and Evanesce. They used to be normal Abled like us, I shared a cell with them before they were taken away and experimented on” Cara choked on the word ‘experimented’.

“The shadow is actually an Elemental?” Mr Obsidian commented more to himself than to us. He fell silent and we all stayed quiet as we watched the cogs in his head turn with the information we’d given him. “Did they talk?”

We all shook our heads, “No, sir. They just split and showed who they are before turning back into the shadow and began shrieking and howling again. Almost-“

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