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I'm a definite day dreamer. I've always loved reading. Reading, to me, is an escape from the world around us and entering a whole new world that the author has created for us... and hopefully I can do that for you too!

My life revolves around my brave and amazing little girl who's gone through what babies shouldn't have to experience, and a wonderful and loyal fiance who's stuck by my happy, sad, angry and crazy moments. I love them to bits! <3

A few bits about me:
- I'm Filipino but mixed with Singaporean, Chinese, French, Dutch, Malaysian and a whole lot of other nationalities! It's all about the love for culture.
- I've lived in Australia since I was one years old but have an Aussie-American accent.
- I <3 Tahiti to the core, it is my favourite place in the world!
- I love sunsets... if you've read my work you'll realise I describe at least one in every single story.

Some of my favourite writers are:
- @Kirsty1000 <-- she's the reason I started writing, so she will always be a favourite of mine.
- @conleyswifey
- @KanyeInterruptedMe
- @Airambooksie
- @BigDaddyBamBam
- @Cobloro

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Description: [Warning! This story includes extreme mature content, MUST FAN TO READ AS MOST CHAPTERS ARE PRIVATE. >>Private chapters have been moved to 'Restricted Chapters for my Stories<<] Sasha Montgomery has been cheated on over and over again...

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greern posted a message to vovnix
It's been over a year! Please update! We all love your work and you! Your stories are amazing. Look we getmyoumhave a life and such but please find the time?
lynxkitten65 posted a message to vovnix
It's so good, even if you are not going to update them, I just want to say, your books are so good, and they are amazing, but they will all go down the drain, all your hard work, if you don't continue them.
Awesome_Losers posted a message to vovnix
I understand you have a life, but woman, its been a freaking YEAR! We all want an update and are getting desperate here! Please, please, please, update The Elementals, Book 3!!!!!!
Awesome_Losers posted a message to vovnix
Please, please, please update The third book of The Elementals!! I've read all three up to the last update in three days!! Please Update soon!!