𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺. 𝗵𝘀 & 𝘀𝗴 by malcolmmc2rmick
𝗶𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺. 𝗵𝘀 & 𝘀𝗴by 𝒕𝒂𝒚𝒍𝒐𝒓
harry & selena
  • louistomlinson
  • selenagomez
  • zaynmalik
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[Identity V] [DocGar] Cuộc sống hôn nhân của chúng ta by IhavetoomuchOTP
[Identity V] [DocGar] Cuộc sống hô...by IhavetoomuchOTP
Tên truyện: Cuộc sống hôn nhân của chúng ta Thể loại: Hiện đại, hôn nhân, ngọt, sủng, hài, tiểu ngược Couple chính: Emma x Emily Couple phụ: Martha x Fiona, Tracy x Viol...
  • dyer
  • identity
  • emily
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Stupid Cupid by SarahGeorge89
Stupid Cupidby Sarah George
They've been friends for years. Strictly platonic. She's his wing woman on night out. Hell, she's got him laid more times than she can remember. The only problem with th...
  • love
  • helena
  • taylor
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Helena Bonham Carter One Shots by Helenas_white_bread
Helena Bonham Carter One Shotsby Helenas_white_bread
Some Helena Bonham Carter one shots! Message me or comment for a request I'll be happy to write about almost any thing! Also it's gonna be very very gay 🌈
  • girlxgirl
  • carter
  • oneshot
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The Other Frost by not-an-echo
The Other Frostby be a voice
Story based loosely on The Royals. Uses many of its characters and plots. The story of a young girl who came from a bad place trying to outrun her past. Can she, or wil...
  • princess
  • jasper
  • prince
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One-shots (JOLENA)  by englishrose19
One-shots (JOLENA) by englishrose19
Just a few of my ideas that didn't make it into my novel 'And then I found you' & some new ideas that I have been pondering on for the last few months. Hope you enjoy.
  • helena
  • johnny
The Woman that No One Noticed (girlxgirl) by Amarisa162
The Woman that No One Noticed (gir...by Amaris
Regina tilted her head to the side, as she, once again, gazed at Helena, admiring her natural beauty. "Can she be any more beautiful?" She thought. And then, a...
  • girlxgirl
  • mystery
  • lgbt
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Identity V Randomness (Hiatus) by RandomUwu_
Identity V Randomness (Hiatus)by Alexa
Random book mweheheheh
  • helena
  • keacher
  • violetta
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Helena Series: Newborn & Spellbound [Book I + II] DRAFT by EmmaLoweBooks
Helena Series: Newborn & Spellboun...by Emma Lowe
This book has been revamped and re-edited. The original version will remain on Wattpad (for now), but the new version is altered with a lot of changes to plot, character...
  • magic
  • wattys
  • newadult
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Snape x OC: Athena. by Dead-and-Alone
Snape x OC: Athena.by Wanna buy some ass?
Snape survived but at a cost. Dumbledore had to work a lot of things out including how his owning the three deathly hallows allowed him to conquer death. Although the ol...
  • helena
  • professorsnape
  • potions
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Not just a colleague but a mother by bespokepsychopathh
Not just a colleague but a motherby Psychopathbespoke
Now an imagines book, >> TAKING REQUESTS << Morgan Anderson is a teenage British sensation in acting. She began acting in short TV adverts but once she was s...
  • actress
  • carter
  • timburton
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My journey with an Endearing Stranger by bhavanavutla
My journey with an Endearing Stran...by bhavanavutla
Prologue: Have you ever expected someone coming into your life and changing everything? That is life..... Life introduces the most unexpected persons and things.And more...
  • miracles
  • romance
  • flashback
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Child from future are Losing memory by enji555
Child from future are Losing memoryby
Helena adalah anak kecil berusia 10 tahun yang pergi ke masa kini untuk bisa melarikan diri dari ayahnya yang ingin menggunakan ia sebagai subject experiment dengan meng...
  • chris
  • helena
  • anmesia
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❝ i'm so sorry, helena. i just wanted to protect you ❞ ❝ no peter, you just wanted to protect yourself ❞
  • captainamerica
  • spiderman
  • hawkeye
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The Lady and the Indian~                             The Lone Ranger-fanfiction  by Mini-Luna
The Lady and the Indian~...by Luna Bella
After Butch Cavendish was killed Red and Tonto came closer... Everything was fine, but the rest didn't stay. Old followers of Butch Cavendish try to kill those who kille...
  • jolena
  • helena
  • tonto
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The Princess Of Darkness by Aueie17
The Princess Of Darknessby Jakweyn ♡
She's Helena Nicole Nightsong. She is the girl that deceived by her own world. But a stranger appear bringing her to a world na hindi niya pa napupuntahan noon pa man. ...
  • magic
  • hurt
  • revenge
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Skyfall by yosibelvalladares
Skyfallby YosBonhamCarter
What if the Black sisters were not raised by their parents? What would happen if I play with the timeline, ages and loyalties of the Black sisters?
  • bonham
  • black
  • andromedatonks
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|ONE SHOTS DE RESIDENT EVIL| by maldescendientes
historias cortas y divertidas de resident evil ;3
  • zombies
  • chris
  • claire
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Burn, Baby Burn by EveryDayIsAFuneral
Burn, Baby Burnby EveryDayIsAFuneral
Can Helena deal with the one man who ruined it all? The Father of her child?
  • blood
  • blake
  • parente
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