Kidnapped By My Stepbrother by nanaedc
Kidnapped By My Stepbrotherby Nanaedc
"You have no idea how tempted I was when it was just me and you and a room," Another step "How tempted I was to sneak in the bathroom when you were taking...
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Instagram || h.s by calbainshirts
Instagram || h.sby georgia
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DUELO DE GIGANTES by valeriamenezes2017
DUELO DE GIGANTESby Valéria Neuba Menezes
Quem nunca ouviu falar em Davi e Golias? Mas, e quando o confronto se dá entre dois Golias? Você consegue imaginar dois gigantes se enfrentando? Helena e Antenor, dois...
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Instagram || H.S. by 5sostrsh
Instagram || H.S.by t
harry styles and selena gomez.
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Helena Bonham Carter One Shots by Helenas_white_bread
Helena Bonham Carter One Shotsby Helenas_white_bread
Some Helena Bonham Carter one shots! Message me or comment for a request I'll be happy to write about almost any thing! Also it's gonna be very very gay 🌈
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One-shots (JOLENA)  by englishrose19
One-shots (JOLENA) by englishrose19
Just a few of my ideas that didn't make it into my novel 'And then I found you' & some new ideas that I have been pondering on for the last few months. Hope you enjoy.
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speaking of truth || Liam Henstridge by just_another_crush
speaking of truth || Liam Henstrid...by Crush
I gotta be honest - I just came to England to escape a very bad person. After my arrival, I realized that this wasn't my best idea ... The palace changed a lot and so d...
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Love can have many obstacles / Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter by Mini-Luna
Love can have many obstacles / Joh...by Luna Bella
You can close your eyes to the things you don't want to see, But you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel. ~Johnny Depp~ ♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•♡•...
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The Prince The Common (Prince Liam Love Story) by KatherineIn
The Prince The Common (Prince Liam...by KatherineIn
I known Prince Liam since I moved into the palace to become his female friend as a little girl. Over time, we became best friends. We had our first kiss before I left fo...
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Keszteyi S. filozofálásai by Samuella7079
Keszteyi S. filozofálásaiby Kesztenyi Samuella
Ezekben a szinte egyperces novellákban Kesztenyi Samuella gondolkodásait, filózásait olvashatjuk. Samuella gyakran csinált ilyet. EZ NEM NAPLÓ, csupán észrevételek és go...
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And Then I Found You  by englishrose19
And Then I Found You by englishrose19
Helena Bonham Carter one of the worlds most famous British actress, finds out yet again her also very famous husband Dominic Edwards has been cheating. It's only when sh...
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The FA book. by InsaneSinner
The FA book.by 💀Phy-Manie💀
(some stuff we (I) don't own.) Basically the one-shots about FA stuff (Mostly AU's) or when we make scenarios about a certain thing a lot. This could just be scenarios I...
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Liga de Heróis e Vilões(LHV)- Cold War by meninalokona
Liga de Heróis e Vilões(LHV)- Cold...by meninalokona
Sinopse: Amanda Waller decide criar uma equipe melhor que o Esquadrão Suicida, mais forte, mais eficiente. Para isso, são juntados os filhos dos heróis e vilões mais fo...
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The Lady and the Indian~                             The Lone Ranger-fanfiction  by Mini-Luna
The Lady and the Indian~...by Luna Bella
After Butch Cavendish was killed Red and Tonto came closer... Everything was fine, but the rest didn't stay. Old followers of Butch Cavendish try to kill those who kille...
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Social Media  by _myharry_
Social Media by Just a 1D bitch
Follow @itsphaedra and @harrystyles to find out more about their story ;)
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Nobody's Expendable (RE6) by Evener_19
Nobody's Expendable (RE6)by Evener_19
"It's okay...I got you." "Why?" I asked. "What?" As I stare into his eyes, my brows knitted together in distraught. "I hurt you...wh...
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Burn, Baby Burn by EverdayIsAFuneral
Burn, Baby Burnby EveryDayIsAFuneral
Can Helena deal with the one man who ruined it all? The Father of her child?
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My journey with an Endearing Stranger by bhavanavutla
My journey with an Endearing Stran...by bhavanavutla
Prologue: Have you ever expected someone coming into your life and changing everything? That is life..... Life introduces the most unexpected persons and things.And more...
  • julie
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  • miracles
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My world ( Leon x Helena) by karai_miwa_hamato13
My world ( Leon x Helena)by karai_miwa_hamato13
This takes place after Resident Evil 6 following Leon and Helena's life, their still partners after defeating Simmons and have had more mission together. Leon started to...
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Lovely Liar by iOnlyMakeDreams
Lovely Liarby Paola Issamil
"If my death can save your life then so be it." - Lovely Liar © Copyright 2013-2018 iOnlyMakeDreams/Paola Soto. Any use or alteration of this work without auth...
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