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helena bonham carter x reader by middleagedwomensimp
helena bonham carter x readerby middleagedwomensimp
You have never worked in a movie before and yet here you were, acting opposite the great helena bonham carter; your idol for as long as you can remember. Not only that...
helena bonham carter one shots  by bellascumslut
helena bonham carter one shots by j
helena bonham carter x reader stories :] nsfw warning :)
Tower: Murky and Charming by FreshRawRot
Tower: Murky and Charmingby Dabria
The Black Tower. A legendary and mysterious tower that is isolated and unknown. Only having one resident for thousands of years comes two one day. Princess Athanasia, no...
HBC imagines (gxg) by Sharkieee1
HBC imagines (gxg)by SimpForMissBonhamCarter
This is mostly based on my dr stories of Helena, mostly will be fluff stories. One shots like dates, anniversary, and more. I will also do some of her characters like be...
HBC × Reader One-Shots by Hellie_Belly
HBC × Reader One-Shotsby Angel
we all have our dreams with the one and only Helena Bonham Carter. So, here's some of my imagines with her cause why not🙃 ⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️ (some chapters will contain s...
life's a dream by Jenniferanisto
life's a dreamby Jenniferanisto
Helena x female reader I'm crap at summarising stuff so this is the best your gonna get you y/n y/l/n. A famous actress that's well known for your work on American horro...
Alone in the crowd by YellowBonhamCarter
Alone in the crowdby The English Rose
The sequel of my story "trapped in my mind" It'll probably be easier if u read that first (:
THE GUARDIAN ☤ the society  by fathercoups
THE GUARDIAN ☤ the society by fathercoups
❝If none of you want to listen, then be my guest, but it won't be my fault when you're missing a leg.❞ ➖ Charlotte is the younger cousin of Helena, and is one of the few...
My darling (Helena x reader) by YellowBonhamCarter
My darling (Helena x reader)by The English Rose
Helena and Y/N have been working for quite some time in the acting industry together. It's safe to say that they share a strong friendship. But when a tragic accident ma...
the society imagines by ohwellmack
the society imaginesby mack
take a break from your day and catch up with our favorite teens from new ham! (i do not own any of the characters, all credit goes to the writers, producers, and creator...
𝘼𝙇𝙊𝙉𝙀 ; 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙤𝙘𝙞𝙚𝙩𝙮  [slow updates] by LOLALYCIAS
𝘼𝙇𝙊𝙉𝙀 ; 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙤𝙘𝙞𝙚𝙩𝙮...by Luce
In which she feared ending up alone and a certain boy promised she wouldn't be alone. UNEDITED HARRY BINGHAM x OC THE SOCIETY SEASON 1 THE SOCIETY D...
And Then I Found You  by englishrose19
And Then I Found You by englishrose19
Helena Bonham Carter one of the worlds most famous British actress, finds out yet again her also very famous husband Dominic Edwards has been cheating. It's only when sh...
The Demon Empress of obelia  by CiaChan27
The Demon Empress of obelia by Ben tori
Athanasia de alger obelia an outcast princess determined to take what right fully belongs to her 'THRONE' and left the place at fifteen leave a doppelganger behind and s...
How I Became Jeanette Margarita by Mei_1278
How I Became Jeanette Margaritaby Mei_1278
A normal middle school girl walking home from school and got ran over by a truck. When she woke up she suddenly became Jeanette Margarita from the manhwa Who Made Me A P...
A million worth of fate (wmmap And Lucathy fanfiction) by Theiaplays
A million worth of fate (wmmap And...by Theiaplays
this is only a fanfiction of wmmap since it is my favourite original by Plutus,spoon I do not own anything here except the fanfiction story itself '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wh...
STRANGERS ☆ H. BINGHAM // EDITING by vividtoxicity
In which a group of kids are moved from their little town of West Ham to another where no one exists but them. -The Society -Season 1 -Harry Bingham started: 20/05/19 e...
blackmail | the society by bittersweetsymphony-
blackmail | the societyby carms
camilla the still new-ish girl at school is blackmailed by the one and only harry bingham who has information about her troubled past away in New York. as she can't reve...
The End Of You by partyp0ison7701
The End Of Youby partyp0ison7701
After her sister's death Helena gets depressed while trying to support her totally broken and suicidal best friend. Jerry's guilt slowly kills him from the inside. -Real...
euphoria ➪ harry bingham ✔︎ by laurastilinski_24
euphoria ➪ harry bingham ✔︎by laura ♉︎
{COMPLETED - 26/6/19} Diana Walker and the rest of her peers at West Ham head off on an extended camping trip but a storm forces them all to come home. When they get the...
Dr Julia and yn love story 💋  by elsiebc
Dr Julia and yn love story 💋 by elsiebc
Yn's parents treat yn so badly and one day they took her to Elizabeth house "the Collins family". In the house yn has problems and a dr helps her but what will...